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Southern Vampire Mystery Series...

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littleindian posted 3/25/2009 12:47 PM

Anyone? :)
I can't be the only True Blood Addict here! OoooooO Eric!

Emerald Eyes posted 3/25/2009 12:55 PM

I love True Blood!

When does the season start back up on HBO?

littleindian posted 3/25/2009 12:56 PM

June, I think. I'm so excited! Have you read the books? Who knew vampire sex could be so... well.... sexy!

Emerald Eyes posted 3/25/2009 12:59 PM

I've read the first 2 books, then decided I didn't want to get too far ahead of the series.

I know what you mean. I love Eric. And Bill is such a Southern Gentleman. Heck, I even liked the gay vampire that got staked by whatshername.

littleindian posted 3/25/2009 13:07 PM

Through this series, I've found a whole genre of 'paranormal romance'. Oh my god, it's like the heavens opened up for me. I recently read a book called "Succubus in the City".... basically about a group of 4 hot lady sex-devils who live Sex and the City lives...... I'm almost ashamed to say I read it in a day.

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 13:26 PM

I've read all but the last one or two. We started watching the series but somehow my ability to pretend the lead female's name is something other than "Sookie" disappeared once I had to hear the actor playing Bill actually *saying* "Sookie."

Ugh, why? Why is her name SOOKIE?! It's not even a pet name, it's a pig name.

But yes, definitely Eric, out of the available guys in the series. =)

punky posted 3/25/2009 13:38 PM

I just started on book 2.

These are fun, fast reads.

littleindian posted 3/25/2009 13:42 PM

I kinda like the way Bill says Sookie though.... "suhhhhkeh...." lolol

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 14:02 PM

You know what it is, with that, it's a personal thing.

It has long been a "thing" with our friend Bill, my husband, and another friend of ours named Keith to say "Awww, sookiesookie" *exactly like that* in the way that you'd say "bown chicka bown BOWN" or "That's what she said."

KWIM? As a rim shot line. And in just that accent, since we all *have* that accent. is just about the least sexy thing in the world to me, when he does that. Funny, yes. Sexy, no. It was hard enough reading it, trying to put that out of my head, but it's impossible when a guy with a Southern accent is doing it out loud.

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Emerald Eyes posted 3/25/2009 14:08 PM

Its a shame your husband, Bill and Keith ruined it for you!!

I kind of swoon every time Bill says it.

littleindian posted 3/25/2009 14:52 PM

that man is extremely good looking....

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 15:00 PM

Eric >>>>>> Bill.

Trying to recall who else Sookie hooks up with...what's the tiger's name? Big enormous walking stone wall of a person? Sounded hot in human form but my god, I hate weres and Do Not Want to read or see anything sexual about them. Dogboy can run around doing his protective thing, I guess, but ugh, weres, UGH. Not hot.

Not thrilled with vampires, per se, but they're preferable. If anyone has read the last two books, do we happen across any *male* half-demons? That's the direction I'd like to see taken. And by "direction" I mean "That's who I want S--kie to nail."

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Lostsoul&<3 posted 3/25/2009 15:01 PM

I just started the series but already knew that vampire sex could damn sexy. That is from other books I read.
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is what keyed me in on how awesome vampire sex could be. Of course Anne Rice books hooked me a long time ago.
Laurell K. Hamilton writes the Anite Blake series along with the Merry Gentry series. Both series have very erotic sex scenes.

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 15:05 PM

Through Blue Moon, I agree. After that, it became more about negotiating for sex than having sex. I suppose that's what happens when you've got one woman juggling what, twenty or so guys? I stuck around long enough for Jean-Claude and

~~ Asher ~~

to be in the same bed at the same time and that was it.

I hate Anita and her ardeur so much. Do not know what got into that woman after she finished Blue Moon. Well, Obsidian Butterfly was good but that's because Edward is the hottest guy in the whole series, and it was a one off.

Merry Gentry started out from the very beginning being about negotiating having sex rather than having sex, so I could not take it.

Sometimes I think that LKH has a secret agenda to make the men in her work as interchangeable as the females in the detective novels she referenced early on. The Anita Blake guys can be categorized by hair and eye color, and that's it. The Merry Gentry guys also get *skin color* and *two or three concentric irises of different colors*. So, obviously, those guys are way more developed as characters. LOL.

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littleindian posted 3/25/2009 15:06 PM

I just started reading the Anita Blake series.... wooooweee! I think the one I'm reading now is Bloody Bones.

The were-tiger... Quinn. I had a lot of trouble picturing him. Bald, huge, purple eyes? Pardon? Just does NOT sound attractive to me...

I love the 4(?)th book where they are at the Vampire Convention... the part where Eric bites Suki before Andre.... oh dear, I had to take a break after reading that

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 15:08 PM

It's probably a body size thing with Quinn. Isn't he like 7' tall? Hello, nurse.

But ugh, weres.

It's weird considering how much urban fantasy I read and *watch* (hi, Buffy, Angel, etc) yet absolutely dislike the whole "bloodletting as sex" metaphor. Please to be having actual sex, thanks. Do not like the biting, understand it's what vampires do, but do not find it sexy, sorry. It's eating. Also do not find eating sexy.

But I'd call urban fantasy my *genre*. Weird.

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littleindian posted 3/25/2009 15:10 PM

I found the other dude annoying as hell too... what's his name... Alcide. In my head he looked like Wolverine.

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 15:11 PM

Oh, fuck Alcide. Hate that guy.


Weres *suck*.

Oh, what about that were..lynx, was it? Inbred were village? Ugh. GROSS.

When I write my urban fantasy series you will know it's me because my main character will have an enormous prejudice against weres and will not learn a valuable lesson about racism from it, because it's not a metaphor for racism, THEY ARE DOGS AND CATS.

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littleindian posted 3/25/2009 15:14 PM

haha yeah!! the fucking were-panthers or whatever. first gross: inbred. second gross: panther, raw flesh, EW!

I can deal w/ vampire biting blah blah, but the idea of eating animals is just weird. What does that say about me? Christ.

My SO likes to pretend he's a vampire and bite me when I'm making dinner, because of how much vampire crap I've been reading lately lol.

ladyvorkosigan posted 3/25/2009 15:16 PM

Oh wait, let me amend.

Oz from Buffy is not included in the werehate. Oz is ~love~.

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