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Karen Marie Moning "Fever" novels

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ladyvorkosigan posted 12/18/2009 06:22 AM

Edited to note that this thread turns spoilery below!


Kind of a mess in places - like, in a "the author was possibly cycling up into a manic phase" way - but I seriously do not think I have *ever* been as impatient for the lead to fuck Endgame Guy as I was in this series. I got to work 3.5 hours late yesterday because I wanted to get to the damn scene. GURL FUCK THIS GUY ALREADY DAMN. Then I chewed a piece of Nicorette. I don't smoke, I just like to keep it around.

Pretty short series, too, books themselves are kind of short and there are only 4 of them.

It's a fae and other weirdnesses series and actually does a good job with making her Others seem Otherly without relying on boring old tropes. I mean, it's Seelie and Unseelie, but somehow it seems fresh-ish. I was briefly afraid that we were going to have another case of the ~~ardeur~~ on our hands, but I think we're safe now.


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raincloud posted 12/18/2009 08:35 AM

LadyV..... Nicorette, good idea....

Will have to try the series.

wantmore posted 12/18/2009 12:01 PM

Funny, I'm 12 pages into the first one now, but stopped to finish the Sookie Stackhouse short stories that had to go back to the library.

Sometimes I have a little trouble shifting gears if I haven't finished one before going on to another.

Glad to know these are recommended. It is one of the few series my library owns all the copies of. And it's not like we don't try. (I work there.)

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/19/2009 03:39 AM

I'm pleased to say that I have yet to see a vampire or a were *anything*. Vampires are tired and my feelings about weres have, I believe, been well documented in this space.

KSA2 posted 12/19/2009 09:28 AM

*sticks fingers in ears*

Lalalalalalalala, I can't hear you!!

I haven't finished 'em yet. Truth be told, though, I'm a spoiler whore, so tell we finally find out exactly what the fuck Endgame guy IS?

(adding "spoiler" to title, btw, just in case you answer this.)

KSA2 posted 12/19/2009 09:34 AM

Damnit, LadyV, you got me all excited that Shadowfever came out early - but it hasn't. Not until August 2010.

(There are more than four books - the new one will be out next year.)

NewAttitude posted 12/19/2009 09:35 AM

Don't even get me started with this series!

I've never enjoyed being so damn frustrated so much!

There is a serious amount of eye candy strolling though these books, you'd think she could have picked any one of them and gone to town.

NewAttitude posted 12/19/2009 09:38 AM

BTW, the fifth and (I believe) last book in this series won't be out until several months from now so we still have quite the wait.

metamorphisis posted 12/19/2009 10:16 AM

Then I chewed a piece of Nicorette. I don't smoke, I just like to keep it around.

I always ask for a book for my stocking. I didn't have anything in mind this year. I will give it a go.

Lionne posted 12/19/2009 11:04 AM

This was one of the Kindle teasers. First book was FREE, second only a few bucks, of course then you are hooked, have to pay full price for the next volumes. Lots of fun...

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/19/2009 11:24 AM

Hah, sorry to tease. But I know who Endgame *better* be.

I mean seriously. I usually don't have a really strong opinion except no cats or dogs. I have one this time. Damn gurl.

I don't particularly like the main character, because she and her family are all named the kinds of names you'd hear screamed at WalMart, but then again they're supposed to be from Georgia so maybe that's intentional, but also because she keeps saying weird things for a 22-yo to say, and I'm not entirely sure why the character had to be ridiculously young like that if she's not even going to bother writing her like a 22-yo. 22-yos do not sit around bitching about how their own generation is the entitlement generation. And various other 45-yo opinions which are just fine for a 45-yo to have, but at least make the character 30 or something so it's not so jarring.

She's not annoying enough to distract me from the particularly fine array of men, though.

meta, go ahead and get them all. Basically what I did was flipped through them up front going "okay, where's the sex" and then opened up...err, a later one, and read a few pages, and was like "Oh I see," and that was why I knew I had to skip work Thursday morning. I had to *get to that*. So I don't know if I'd recommend the first as highly if I hadn't known I was going to be so. richly. rewarded. later on. Hah.

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NewAttitude posted 12/19/2009 11:43 AM

I just really want to know *what* he is!

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/19/2009 11:47 AM

Me too. Yet, I know I will be disappointed unless he's like *Satan* or something, because nothing else is badass enough to satisfy all the build up.

I think I'm in imaginary love with him. I haven't felt this way about someone who doesn't exist since my early Mr. Sark days, and at least with that there was an *actor* involved.

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KSA2 posted 12/19/2009 14:14 PM

LadyV, I'm wondering if the build up is going to lead her to just keep her mouth shut about it. You know, if it turns out that she just neglects to tell us *what* he is, I will head south and pick you up, we'll swing by NA's to get her, and go beat it out of KMM personally.

It's driving me nuts, and if she makes it The Great Unanswered Question, I'm going to be pissed.

NewAttitude posted 12/19/2009 18:19 PM

I was wondering about that as well.
She may have written herself into a corner with this one.

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/19/2009 19:48 PM

Honestly, I keep coming back to the Antichrist or Satan or something, mainly because that means that IYD = The Number of the Beast, which cracks me up. Maybe Lucifer, and the 8 are other fallen angels? Fallen angels are like 15 seconds from being done to death but they weren't when she started the series.

I'm just going to be disappointed if it turns out he's just like, the Kurgan got civilized, and the other 8 are just other Immortal types or something. Boo. Also do not want the obvious UK thing to happen.

Yeah, needs to be the devil, only choice intense enough.

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NewAttitude posted 12/19/2009 20:23 PM

Have you finished the book, LadyV?

ladyvorkosigan posted 12/20/2009 04:10 AM

Yep, and I'm invoking both the literal and mythological meaning of "Number of the Beast." Because I mean, obviously, I can't even believe people are actually arguing (on message boards) about who that was. Please.

I suppose my no dogs and cats rule doesn't extend to actual monsters.

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KSA2 posted 12/20/2009 08:47 AM

Some of the arguments out there are hilarious, though, aren't they?

The guesses range from Alina (not possible) all the way to Adam Black (from her Highland series, also not possible. His story was resolved in his book.)

People are tying themselves in knots about it. If she really does leave it The Great Unanswered Question, it will be the first actual riot over a romance novel in recorded history.

NewAttitude posted 12/20/2009 09:19 AM

Heck, at first I totally argued with myself about who it could be.

I think I went through about every character that showed up in the series.

It is interesting that she has absolutely NO teasers out there about the last book.
Usually there are a chapter or two available by this point.
But not for the next one.

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