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Amelia Peabody series

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ladyvorkosigan posted 5/6/2010 11:14 AM

I do not think I have ever before been so flat out *entertained* by a series.

Before I go into paroxysms, any other fans? I just started reading it weekend before last and I'm on book 16 now. That's fast even for me.

I also feel somewhat embarrassed about how in love I am with Ramses. I mean, I've known him since he was born, you know? But *damn*, son.

Skye posted 5/6/2010 17:10 PM

I never read books in series in order so I've no clue how many of Amelia's stories I've read, but I love every one! As you said, she is truly entertaining. Actually, she is a real hoot!

punky posted 5/6/2010 18:55 PM

How would you categorize the books?

I need to be entertained...

inconnu posted 5/6/2010 19:24 PM

There's 16 (or more) of them? I've been reading them for years so I've never counted. They're all in one of my bookcases though.

ladyvorkosigan posted 5/6/2010 19:52 PM

Well, they're shelved in mystery, but the delight of them is in the point of view and the character development.

They're set in Egypt, 1890-1920 or so, and the lead meets and marries an Egyptologist, so the mysteries center around that sort of thing.

But it's the voice(s) the author uses and the character relationships that are built over looooong periods of time that make them. They're also hilarious.

The main character is really an exquisite example of a completely unreliable narrator with regard to the meaning of other people's reactions.

punky posted 5/7/2010 12:09 PM

I downloaded the first one to my Kindle for 1.99!!! Really liking it so far!

ladyvorkosigan posted 5/7/2010 13:54 PM

It's another one of those that's going to pay off exponentially starting at around book 8. =)

punky posted 5/7/2010 17:34 PM

Sounds good!

neverendinghurt posted 5/7/2010 18:01 PM

I'm going to download one too.

which is the first one?

punky posted 5/7/2010 19:30 PM

Crocodile in the Sand (or ON the sand--I can't remember).

ladyvorkosigan posted 5/7/2010 21:11 PM

Crocodile on the Sandbank

punky posted 5/7/2010 22:10 PM


Cliche posted 5/12/2010 14:46 PM

I LOVE these books. So does my DD who is 22.

Skye posted 5/13/2010 09:10 AM

Just got "Crocodile...." Can't wait to learn about Amelia's beginnings.

neverendinghurt posted 5/14/2010 04:23 AM

Thanks, I will look for that this weekend

punky posted 5/21/2010 20:35 PM

Ok, you got me hooked.

These are hilarious.

Skye posted 5/22/2010 08:22 AM

Had to add, the audio books are great. It's fun to listen to a good story!

ladyvorkosigan posted 5/22/2010 08:55 AM

lord_v is halfway through the first one. =)

flowermom posted 5/22/2010 15:38 PM

These are maybe my favorite books of all time. Amelia is someone I would like to model myself after. I am also in love with Ramses, and Emmerson is not bad himself. Damn, I wish my STBX was like him! I did read them in order, and have spent many nights staying up late to finish them. They are a real hoot!!!!

punky posted 8/13/2010 23:02 PM

I am just loving this series. I think we should all post our favorite Amelia-isms or snippets...

My kids think I am nuts. I'll just be reading along and then start laughing out loud.

I want to be Peabody when I grow up.

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