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Jewelry: Oregon Sunstones

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Auctioneer posted 7/4/2010 14:34 PM

Unpolished Oregon Sunstones

donated by Tryingtwo

This item has not met reserve price.

Deeply Scared posted 7/4/2010 15:23 PM

New. 1/4 cup ungraded, unpolished rough Oregon Sunstones that Tryingtwo mined from BLM land in Southern Oregon.

The Sunstones are the state gem

They have a hardness of 6.5-7.0 and can be faceted.

A little trivia...Oregon Sunstones are part of the Feldspar class of mineral and are also called the Oregon diamond.

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wifehad5 posted 7/6/2010 21:01 PM


Deeply Scared posted 7/16/2010 09:41 AM

This auction is have a PM

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