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Miscellaneous: Gift Basket

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Auctioneer posted 7/4/2010 15:05 PM

Gift Basket

donated by ImGonnaMakeIt

This item has not met reserve price.

Deeply Scared posted 7/4/2010 15:49 PM

New. The Ultimate Gift Basket!! Total pampering and indulgence!!

It weighs about 20lbs and is filled with moisturizing socks, natural soaps, Lavender bubble bath and incense sticks, massage mit and roller, mani and pedi sets, Total Effects facials, honey soap, eye masks, and chocolates of about every variety you can think of

BTW...I didn't list everything that's in it...but trust's ALOT! LOL!!!

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Jimi40 posted 7/5/2010 06:09 AM


vtach posted 7/6/2010 00:01 AM


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amitheow posted 7/6/2010 09:39 AM


manAscending posted 7/6/2010 15:50 PM


amitheow posted 7/8/2010 09:08 AM


amitheow posted 7/14/2010 15:09 PM

Where are we at on this one? Can you tell us what the reserve price is? It hasn't moved in awhile ...

ImGonnaMakeIt posted 7/16/2010 11:11 AM

More Contents of basket:
Tea Infuser
Artisan Tea
Massage wand
Ayada Natural Soap
Lavender Incense w/ burner
Hot/Cold Soothing Mask
Honey Soap
Bubble Bath
Cosmopolitan drink mixer
Martini recipe book
Belgian Chocolate Sampler
"Emergency" chocolate bar
Sipping Chocolate mix
Vosges Haute Chocolate
Colombian Chocolate
Cadbury hot chocolate mix
Dipping Fudge
Dipping Pretzels
Ghirardelli Chocolate Sampler
Jack Daniels Whisky praline pecans
Ritter european chocolate sampler
Dark Chocolate Irish Cremem cordials
Dark chocolate coffee mix
Scharffer Berger assorted artisan chocolate
Choc/Almond covered biscuit sticks
Wasabi almonds
Scone baking mix
Lemon Curd
Double Devon Cream

(Basically I went through the store :Cost Plus World Market" and threw everything into the cart that looked yummy and then wrapped it up in a basket.)

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Helen of Troy posted 7/16/2010 11:26 AM


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Lotsa posted 8/3/2010 05:36 AM


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Deeply Scared posted 8/16/2010 11:36 AM

This auction is now closed...cant, you have a PM

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