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Any thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love?

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positively4thst posted 7/11/2010 20:59 PM

I just picked it up this weekend. Julia Roberts is staring in the movie version that has yet to be released. It is the story of someone (a writer) who bowed out of marriage and babies at the age of 31 or so, and then took off to travel the world to mend her broken self/heart. She spent about 4 months in Italy learning the joy of pleasure (strictly) through the food and language. Then she set off to India for a Yogi Guru pilgrimage of soul searching and meditation. I haven't finished the book yet but I think the "love" chapter takes place in Indonesia somewhere.

I have mixed reviews. Can't put it down because I have kind of been there done that, but not in her way. I feel her feelings but honestly, don't appreciate how she has conducted her life. She quite literally states that once she decides a relationship is over, she embarks on the next one while the old one isn't quite completed. [Kudos to me here for I could never do that. I am so invested that I take a year or two in between before I can even conceive of someone else again.]

Mostly what irked me and I know it is my own jealously, is that this is a true memoir and this woman had everything - career, husband, two houses, yadda, yadda. He wanted children and she was not ready. She decided on divorce, initiated it, gave him everything monetary (houses, etc. ) and then got an advance on a book about her experience to travel the world on a whim for a year.

This is where I need my own Yogi Guru to help me through this. I have the utmost empathy for anyone going through what we went through. But honestly? She blindsided her husband, bailed on her marriage, started another relationship before the divorce was final, and was given the grace of having all the money she gave away dumped back in her lap to enable her to go travel for an entire year, no monetary worries, to seek her inner self.

Although I can totally relate to all her thoughts, I totally resent them at the same time because she is the one who chose to leave and she has no f'n financial worries. It bothers me to listen to her talk about depression while she is in Rome, eating fabulous food, making many new friends, and planning her future travels.

I am pissed on behalf of myself and everyone like me. However, I feel I should be more empathetic but I just canít. I donít like how this is revealing my ugly self that says NO! You are just a selfish person and donít have a clue about the meaning of suffering. (Pretty much @ those that don't suffer financially as a consequence.)

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njgal480 posted 7/19/2010 21:37 PM

I agree with you... she came across as selfish, superficial, self indulgent and definitely unfaithful to her husband!
She actually lives in NJ now... opened a store with her new husband... the guy from the book...

hurtinky posted 8/10/2010 10:01 AM

See the other thread.

The ex-husband has a book coming out this fall about *his* side of the story.

The title of the book is Displaced. His name is Michael Cooper. Can't wait to read it.

He has remarried and has children with his second wife. Good for him.

let it be me posted 8/11/2010 15:39 PM

AND, slightly off topic I guess, is that they Yogi Guru she went to study under is the protege of a highly discredited master...

Remember her description of the Yogi's master? The intense man in that picture?

It is Siddha Yoga...Gurumayi Chidvilasunanda was who she studied under and Gurumayi Chid's predecessor Swama Muktananda (now deceased) had multiple claims filed against him of abuse and rape...

Interesting researching this information... there are even 'anti siddha yoga' groups out there... former members of the movement and all...

just sayin'....

not sure what side i believe, but i guess power corrupts anything, huh?

I did enjoy the book...

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