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need light & funny book rec's

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Helen of Troy posted 7/13/2010 12:27 PM

Let's hear 'em.

wifehad5 posted 7/13/2010 13:01 PM

I just picked up a James Herriot book that I've read before. If you like animals, it's a fun, easy read. He was a country vet in England back in the 60's. Try All Things Bright and Beautiful or All Things Wise and Wonderful.

NewAttitude posted 7/13/2010 13:25 PM

Fannie Flagg

Ann B Ross

David Sedaris

Janet Evanovich

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (more romantic though)

Carl Hiaasen

Lisa Lutz (mystery kind of like Evanovich)

Lorna Landvik

tushnurse posted 7/13/2010 13:26 PM

Janet Ivonovich...
there are 16 now.
They start out
One for the Money
Have recurrent characters that are lol funny, and are quick easy reads.

Catwoman posted 7/13/2010 13:30 PM

Jennifer Weiner--Good in Bed or In Her Shoes. Fun and frisky reads.


Skye posted 7/13/2010 13:58 PM

Christopher Moore will have you laughing out loud.

manAscending posted 7/13/2010 14:33 PM

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

afraidshesgone posted 7/13/2010 14:59 PM

agree :
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Also check out ' A walk in the Woods - by Bill Bryson , it will more then likely be in the travel secion of the bookstore... all of his are hilarious but Walk is my favorite

mellowmood posted 7/13/2010 15:36 PM

Wow, I read The Curious Incident and didn't find it light or funny at all.......

NewAttitude posted 7/13/2010 15:41 PM

I was JUST going to post that mellowmood.

Skye posted 7/13/2010 16:05 PM

I'm with New Attitude and mellowmood--didn't think "Curious Incident" light at all. Just a small t/j, after husband read it, he asked his therapist if he could have some type of Asberger's!

stretch13 posted 7/13/2010 16:40 PM

i'm with mellowmood on the curious incident. i liked it, it was pleasant but not particularly funny or light.

"are you there vodka, it's me, chelsea" - chelsea handler. non-fiction, but it was a hilarious girrrl read.

stretch13 posted 7/13/2010 16:42 PM

NewAttitude - i'm so excited, my bff bought us tickets to see david sedaris live in oct. yay!!!!

mpf00 posted 7/13/2010 17:36 PM

Any of the Jen Lancaster books... she wrote "Bitter is the New Black", "Pretty in Plaid", "Bright Lights, Big Ass", "My Fair Lazy." They are memoir type books of her fall from grace after losing her high paying job, having no $, but lots of prada bags. She is a riot and her books are laugh out loud funny.

I also second Jennifer Weiner, I love her books too.

Hope24 posted 7/13/2010 17:43 PM

The Bridget Jones books are wonderful.

I also enjoyed "A Girl Named Zippy" and the sequel "She Got Up Off the Couch".

"Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress" was also very funny.

wantmore posted 7/14/2010 06:36 AM

Novels by either Christopher Moore or Christopher Buckley.

Helen of Troy posted 7/14/2010 06:53 AM

Thank you everyone. I'm going to check these out.

amitheow posted 7/14/2010 10:26 AM

Sarah Addison Allen's books are light and "magical"

island_girl posted 7/21/2010 15:32 PM

I'm a fan of Mil Milington. Check out his webpage to see if you dig his writing style. :)

MissK10 posted 7/21/2010 15:45 PM

The three Chelsea Handler books:
1. My horizontal Life
2. Are you there Vodka?
3. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

These are laugh out loud Funny

Another good one:
The shopoholic series - very funny. These are by Sophie Kinsella - all her books are really funny and light

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