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Why men Love Bitches

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heart_in_a_blend posted 7/13/2010 14:57 PM

I just bought this book today. by Sherry Argov.

It's hysterically funny and has made me look at myself in a whole different light.

I'm going to start changing and dare my WH to keep up with me.

I figure my life is a "do over" whether I stay with this man or not.

Anyone else read this book?

mellowmood posted 7/13/2010 15:37 PM

Yes, I've had it for several years and I LOVE it. One of the few books I've kept to read over and over.

island_girl posted 7/13/2010 15:42 PM

I bought it recently. I don't think I'll keep it to reread, but I do like the fact that she emphasizes keeping your life/interests and not giving anything up for a man. I have been guilty of dropping everything for certain guys in the past. And I can see how that would be overwhelming and unattractive.

Helen of Troy posted 7/14/2010 06:52 AM

I got it from interlibrary loan. Great book! The title is misleading. It had more to do with not letting anyone walk over you.
I plan to buy a copy sometime soon. Glad you enjoyed it.

ScribblingMum posted 7/19/2010 00:13 AM

I'm going to check it out--thanks! WHY do they mis-title so many books!? I NEVER would've bought this book w/out a rec. from you guys!
The title sounds stupid & shallow.

deceivedone10 posted 7/26/2010 18:37 PM

Love love love this book. As well as Why Men Marry Bitches. I think wayyyy too many women make it way too easy for men. Men love a chase..give it to them!

faithhopeandlove posted 7/26/2010 21:15 PM

I think I need this book. found out today I was codependent. still not sure what that means but... well the title alone makes me think I need it. :)

silverhopes posted 11/1/2012 23:07 PM

Why Men Marry Bitches

I've read this one, though not the other one!

I love this book because it encourages you not to take yourself too seriously. It encourages you to ENJOY your relationship and, imo, to let go of the idea of doing all the work in your relationship. Make your partner do their work too. Challenge them. Cracking open that book always makes me smile.

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