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A book on WW

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gjs4 posted 7/18/2010 13:47 PM

Just got and read Women's Indifelity by M Langley

Holy crap......totally different view of things for me....huge, though somewhat painful, reading

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Ready_to_run posted 7/19/2010 14:23 PM

I didn't read the book. But, just reading the highlights from her site was enough to scare the crap out of me as it described the pattern my STBXWW went through almost to a T!

It will be interesting to see if she follows this same pattern with her next victim...I mean she really didn't do a whole lot of work to try and figure out why she allowed herself to do something so destructive.

gjs4 posted 7/19/2010 14:28 PM

Asked mine to read the second book- which tells the WW how to find clarity...holy shit; what an amazing read. Never put it down. After a read or two more I will auction them off here for the site..... but probably thee best book on understanding the WW side of thing...... so scary too

Ready_to_run posted 7/19/2010 21:18 PM

What is the title of her second book? After reading your profile I am assuming she wouldn't read it? Probably thought her A was 'different'

gjs4 posted 7/20/2010 05:42 AM

It is simply WOmens Infidelity 2 -

totally different book. If you have a WW that is in limbo on what to is probably the best thing you, and then she, could read. Basically calls them out as selfish cake eaters who unless face reality plan on doing the same deal with the same shitty results over and over until they cant attract a man....

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