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Anyone read,"When your lover is a liar"?

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clueless joe posted 7/25/2010 22:15 PM

This deals with many of the common tactics used by liars, and sheds some light on the worst kind there is, the sociopath. I am finding it chillingly interesting.

dreamlife posted 7/25/2010 22:30 PM

OMG, yes!!!!
Light bulbs went off!

lsccbean posted 7/26/2010 07:08 AM

Yes, very good book!!

wantmore posted 7/26/2010 08:47 AM

Yes, it was a real eye-opener. I left it in my old house when I left. I bet my ex never took it off the bookshelf before he started dating. That and Not Just Friends. My last little jab.

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