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Series help: Napoleonic wars, naval battles

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Threnody posted 8/6/2010 15:42 PM

I loved Bernard Cornwell's "Sharpe's Rifles" series. I mentioned that here about two years ago and someone -- New Attitude, perhaps? -- recommended a series about a naval officer set during the same era of the Napoleonic wars.

I read the first book and adored it, but life intervened and I just never got back to pick up the rest of the series. IIRC, I had some difficulty finding the first book to begin with.

Well, I'm ready again, and now I can't remember the name of the author *nor* the book, and I can't find my copy of the first book!

P L E A S E!

I'm going crazy looking for the thing, but with over 1,000 books in the house and another 1,500+ out in the garage, I'm lost and overwhelmed.

p.s. It wasn't the Horatio Hornblower series by Lewis. Google is not my friend right now.

p.p.s. NEVER MIND! I found the title after a 15+word search. It was "Ramage," by Dudley Pope. I adored this book and can't wait to find the series somewhere for purchase.

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NewAttitude posted 8/6/2010 15:48 PM

Patrick O'Brian?

NewAttitude posted 8/6/2010 15:49 PM

Dudley Pope was my next suggestion.
He's not as popular as Patrick O'Brian so he is kind of an unknown wonder.

Threnody posted 8/6/2010 15:51 PM

No, although whoever recommended "Ramage" did mention O'Brian as well, IIRC.

I just found that Powell's Books' online store has used books of the Ramage series starting at $4.50/ea. Which is good because there are 19 books in the series.

Big Mama's tip jar ain't that big.

sparky posted 8/9/2010 16:15 PM

The Patrick O'Brien books are amazing! One of the best I've ever read. The first one or two start slow, but alot of that is because you are still learning the characters. The main two are both deeply flawed, and very well fleshed out. Also, the author leaves alot unsaid, so he doesn't always tell you the punch lines. Plus I didn't like the characters at first, because the author actually introduces us to some of their bad traits early on. Later, once you know their good sides, you forgive them for their flaws.

Oh, warning - infidelity is a theme in several books.

I love the naval battles, but those only happen once or twice each book (and sometimes never, as some books take place on land).

sparky posted 8/9/2010 16:21 PM

Oh, fwiw, the NY Times once declared the Patrick O'Brian novels the best historical novels ever written.

I think I first loved the second or third book, kind of a Pride and Prejudice, with a captain as one of the suitors, clueless about life on land, and his best friend as his rival, clueless about women. I think it is the second or third book.

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