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Help, I Married a Narcisist

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Katiebear posted 8/7/2010 01:02 AM

A very enlightening, easy to read book that I keep next to me at all times for when I miss my WH. This book explained so much about why I could never get my ex interested in saving our 21 year marriage. It helps to know that he will never be able to have a relationship that I would want and why he has to cheat. Wonderful book.

kstuff posted 8/20/2010 15:30 PM

Thanks for the recommendation. Love your signature line, by the way.

capri posted 8/22/2010 22:53 PM

Sounds like something I might read eventually. Although he has dragged me through so much, I don't think I'll ever be in any danger of actually missing him. But I'm very grateful to the books I've read that have finally helped me see him clearly and understand what's going on.

optimist posted 8/22/2010 23:52 PM

Probably can't bring myself to read it. Know lots of newbies need it though. Wonder if it has tips for dealing with them post divorce?

Newtwood posted 8/31/2010 13:41 PM

I'll have to check this one out. Maybe it will make me the UN-crazy one.

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