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Books on healthy relationships?

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tooexhausted posted 8/7/2010 15:40 PM

I am a 58 year old woman, divorced for 2 years now. XH was a serial philanderer. During the past 2 years I’ve been going to IC and have become very happy with myself. I was at the point of being alone, but not lonely, and embracing my life.

Lo and behold, I am now dating a wonderful man. He is grounded, no significant FOO issues, has custody of his 2 children (teenagers) who absolutely adore him.

Are there any good books out there addressing the issue of how to maintain “healthy” relationships? Through IC, I am working hard on trust issues, not only because of the activities of my XH but because I grew up in an alcoholic family. I did not cause my XH’s infidelities, but I realize now my contributions to the “unhealthy” aspects of my marriage.

Just trying to continue my growth. And also learn how to make the most of my new relationship which shows much promise.

Thanks in advance!!

notasaint posted 8/7/2010 17:34 PM

Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts by Les and Leslie Parrot. Loved it and the workbooks!!!

Good luck, sounds like you're on a great path :)

mellowmood posted 8/8/2010 13:58 PM

I second that. I went to the Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts workshop and it was excellent.

Helen of Troy posted 8/13/2010 09:14 AM

Read Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted.It's not really about being literally naked. It was suggested here. I borrowed it from the library but will definitely be buying a copy!
Excellent read.

InnerLight posted 8/14/2010 13:50 PM

How to Be An Adult in Relationship by David Riccho

I think that's the right author. He's a great mix of Bhuddism mindfulness and psychology. This is what I'd like to have in my next relationship.....

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