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Left Behind series

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Nurse73 posted 8/10/2010 22:44 PM

I know there was discussion about this a while back.

I'm looking for a book to take on vacation next week and my mom had Left Behind.

I know there are religious themes and I am just wondering how heavy they are.

The story sounds interesting. Any opinions?

FatherofFour posted 8/11/2010 11:52 AM

To say that there are religious themes in that series is like saying the ocean is a bit damp.

Clarrissa posted 8/19/2010 14:42 PM

Only read one of the Left Behind books, the "prequel" called Soon.

Yes, it was a bit heavy on the religious theme but doesn't proselytize. I'm not much into the religious-themed books but this one I found interesting. I'd like to read the others, if I can find them, but from what I understand, there's a dozen or more out there in the series.

I think if you're interested in the series then read the prequel since that would give you an idea of what the series is about and how "preachy" it is.

ElSnapitan posted 8/5/2011 15:45 PM

I read the whole series and enjoyed them.

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