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Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins

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aloneinthedark posted 8/15/2010 15:50 PM

of Modern Sexuality.

Wow. Just wow. This book has really opened my eyes about my views on monogamy. I am really starting to believe that monogamy is an artifact of post-agriculture society.

So much of this book makes sense to me, and quite honestly, makes infidelity a non-issue, really. I am seriously starting to believe that we, as a species are biologically, emotionally, physically programmed for promiscuity.

Really really interesting read.

Kjersti posted 8/16/2010 14:36 PM

I will be ordering this book tonight.

Thank you, aloneinthe dark!!!

Edited to Add: The book has been ordered and it should be on its way to me by the end of the business day tomorrow (Tuesday).

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Kjersti posted 8/25/2010 04:06 AM

The book arrived in today's mail. So far, I've only had time to flip through it, but already I've learned important things I didn't know before, and I'm seeing some other things from a different (and better) perspective.

Thank you, aloneinthedark!!!

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