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NewAttitude posted 8/17/2010 11:31 AM

We need to decide if we are all in favor of reading by section and discussing or if we are waiting until we have all read the entire book.

Since the book is portioned out already I'm in favor of reading by section.

Also, how long will we give for everyone to read each section?


GabyBaby posted 8/17/2010 12:30 PM

I like the idea of reading by section and discussing as we go.
It gives readers 'points to ponder' as they continue with the story.

I'm a fast reader (reading on average 3-4 books per week), so I'm probably not the best one to judge time, lol.

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waiting2see posted 8/17/2010 12:33 PM

I just ordered the book. It will take some people a few days to get a hold of a copy?

I agree it's a good idea to read a section at a time.

If it's averaging 60 pages per section, is a week to read a section reasonable? I realize some people may be more pressed for reading time than others.

NewAttitude posted 8/17/2010 12:36 PM

I am absolutely deferring the reading time to others here.
I will do whatever is decided.

I'm a freak reader and read one to two books a day.

summerbaby posted 8/17/2010 13:04 PM

I vote for sections. I'm not the best to ask for reading times either. I'd think a week would be long enough. But perfectly fine with longer, if need be. Can everyone have the book by this weekend?

punky posted 8/17/2010 13:10 PM

I vote for sections. I think getting the book by the weekend is reasonable. Then maybe we could give a week for each section--if they are approximately the same length. That way if people need a bit more time to get the book, they'll still have some cushion.

NewAttitude posted 8/17/2010 13:14 PM

Section One is approximately 57 pages.

Two is about 74.

Three is about 44.

Four is 107.

GabyBaby posted 8/17/2010 13:20 PM

Book by this weekend and one week reading time per section sounds great to me!

waiting2see posted 8/17/2010 13:55 PM

I agree to book by this weekend and one week per section.

So specifically, we'll assume everyone has the book and has begun reading by Monday, the 23rd? and then begin discussing that section the following Monday?

The next section, the Monday after that? Does that work or are weekend days better for discussion periods?

hope4tomorrow posted 8/17/2010 14:14 PM

Sounds good to me.

summerbaby posted 8/17/2010 14:27 PM

Sounds like a plan to me. I'm excited.

Skye posted 8/17/2010 14:57 PM

I hate being the odd man out, but I'm getting used to it. I run a number of book clubs and have been a member of others for many, many years. This book might work in sections, but I think for most books, a "section" doesn't have enough to discuss. And I can see that for those in the group who read more, the need to discuss a further chapter can be great. And then we have to think about spoilers. Again, this book might work, but I'm not sure it is a good plan for most books.

NewAttitude posted 8/17/2010 14:59 PM

I agree for most books it will not work and we will have to be flexible and adjust accordingly.

Since this one comes prepackaged into separate 'books' already it may make it easier.

But, as I stated I've never done this before so I'm open for whatever.

Jen posted 8/17/2010 17:25 PM

yeah ... ok so yes sections on a weekly basis are good for me ... and I should have the book by this weekend ...

really trying posted 8/17/2010 17:57 PM


woundedby2 posted 8/17/2010 20:17 PM

I'm late to the party, but I guess I have a book to find.

mellowmood posted 8/17/2010 20:24 PM

Got mine ordered. Can hardly wait to get it.

punky posted 8/18/2010 17:09 PM

Got mine yesterday. It will be the first BOOK I've read since getting my Kindle...

mellowmood posted 8/18/2010 18:00 PM

OMG, I need to get a kindle.

With the amount of books I read, I'm sure it would pay for itself in a couple of months.

TJ over.

howcouldhe1 posted 8/19/2010 16:56 PM

Still waiting for mine but it's on its way. Doing it in sections sounds fine to me for this book. That way by the end of the book we'll have had four discussions, ironed out any difficulties and be ready to go for the next book.

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