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newbie here ...

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Jen posted 8/18/2010 21:46 PM

not to SI ... just to the book club ... so someone please tell me what a kindle is and what it does ...

I have no idea ... I thought the 1st time I heard it, it was to keep your yarn and knitting in ...

and I joined the book club thread in here as part of my NB ... and if this kindle thing is cool I may look into getting one ...

ok go ...

Lotsa posted 8/18/2010 23:55 PM

Hmmm... I'm not sure if you are joking or being serious, but I'll proceed on the basis that your inquiry is genuine...

Kindle is a software and hardware platform developed by for the rendering and displaying of e-books and other digital media. Think of it like a bigger Ipod that's not for listening to music, but for downloading and reading books from.

You download books from the internet to a physical unit with a display screen (via wireless connection) for reading. Depending on the model you buy, I think you can have up to 3,000 books or so downloaded to the one unit. So it's an electronic reader.

If you are still not "taking the piss" the official site for Kindle is:

I don't believe your yarn and knitting can be stored on it. Maybe the upgraded version will have such a function

punky posted 8/19/2010 12:46 PM

Definitely check out the website and video.

The Kindle is pricey, although prices have really gone down over the last year or so.

You also have to still pay for each book to be downloaded. Generally less than a printed book, though. There are no monthly data charges like on iPad.

Big plus to me is that it is not backlit and there is virtually no eyestrain like on a computer.

FatherofFour posted 8/19/2010 14:26 PM

What you need to know about Kindles, and really all "e-readers" is that they are tools of the Dark One. They were created in the Ninth Circle of Hell. They are immoral, unethical, fattening, and just plain wrong.

Using a Kindle will cause brain cancer, obesity, untied shoes, flatulence with oily discharge, a reduction in IQ, an increase in home heating costs, global warming, melting of the polar ice caps, solar flares, alien invasion (and not from happy ET aliens), and sudden death.

Hey, some bibliophile had to tell bb the truth.

And, if you cannot tell - the above was sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek, and meant in good fun.

But Kindles are evil.

Jen posted 8/19/2010 15:40 PM

inquiry is genuine...

I am very serious ... I really had no idea what they were ...

so they read the books to you ??? like a voice from the puter ???

and FoF why do you dislike kindles so very much ???

Prayin4Daylight posted 8/19/2010 15:45 PM

You are a newbie Boo ! Because it takes away from what a book is supposed to be . The smell of a new book, the turning of the pages, the essence of reading ......

Vote no to Kindles !

NewAttitude posted 8/19/2010 16:04 PM

I hate Kindles (full disclaimer, I manage a bookstore for a living, lol) but I can see where they have their uses.
If I were traveling a ton and didn't want to schlep books around in suitcases a Kindle would be a great answer.

If I were losing my vision and needed really large print, Kindle is a great answer (you can adjust print size).

However, if you are like me and are a very fast reader then having to push that stupid button to change the pages every 10 seconds will drive you nuts.

A customer brought hers in (she was seduced to the dark side) for me to look at and I tried it out and found it annoying because the screen is so small there isn't that many words on there and I would get done reading the 'page' in like 5 seconds.
Then had to wait for it to load the next page.

I hated it.

Turns out she ended up hating also for the same reason.

Again, I can see their uses but for me, right now, the drawbacks outweigh the positives.

kdny likes them, though.

Jen posted 8/19/2010 16:09 PM

The smell of a new book

I love the way a new book smells ... it is my fave thing bout books ... my classmates think I am weird cause I am always smelling my books in class ...

so no dark side for me ... I like to have the book ...

shhhh ... we just won't tell kdny ...

thank you everybody ... soundslike something I don't wanna invest in ...

kdny posted 8/19/2010 17:07 PM

kdny likes them, though

No........kdny LOVES hers.

I read fast too and i have the "next page" button down to a science. I never wait. I know when to click.

I love books but honestly I don't miss the feel of one at all.

Hope24 posted 8/19/2010 17:25 PM

Kdny loves hers, but NA is staunchly opposed, so they cancel each other out.

I'm another Kindle hater. I love the printed word, seeing the book on my shelf, browsing book stores. I wouldn't give that up.

kdny posted 8/19/2010 18:47 PM

I still do that. I love bookstores.

I just don't buy the books.

Lionne posted 8/19/2010 19:50 PM

I love my Kindle too. I'm a librarian. I don't see them replacing all books, images and the art in children's book for instance, don't translate. I love the laziness of clicking instead of turning and being able to adjust the font size for different settings. They WILL read to you and I use that occasionally. The reading isn't a robotlike as you might think.

There is also a PC/Mac application download for free.

I spend quite a bit of time throwing away old books, unfortunately, (think books that are out-dated, or books that are falling apart) So if you think about being GREEN, with cutting down trees, transporting logs and books, Kindles and other ebook readers make a lot of sense.

Jen posted 8/19/2010 20:28 PM

So if you think about being GREEN

and I like to be green ...

well this is hard now ...

you think there is anyway I could get a kindle and while I was clicking it could spray me with new book smell ...

then I could have the best of both worlds ...

hmmmmm ...

and kdny found out FAST ... wow she really has super powers ...

wantmore posted 8/20/2010 12:56 PM

Ok Booger Bear, you ASKED for it:

HPrynne posted 8/20/2010 13:32 PM

I love my Kindle!
And NA has my dream job!

Jen posted 8/20/2010 15:25 PM

well the scents are super ... I can have bacon while I smell new book ... bacon goes with everything ...

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