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Getting the Love you Want

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MoreBluetiful posted 8/20/2010 02:15 AM

Has anyone read this book, written by Harville Hendrix? It was recommended to me by my IC, and I thought it was so interesting, and really enjoyed it. It made me wish I had read it much sooner...

I am D now, but if anyone has read it, and done the exercises with it, do you think that some of them could still be beneficial for me to do now, even though I am single?

InnerLight posted 8/20/2010 23:39 PM

Yes, this is a classic. If I ever had a relationship progress to a certain level I'd like us to do the Imago workshops that use the techniques in this book.

If you're motivated to do the exercises in the book go ahead. I have a belief that it will help you attract a man that is more likely to be on that same wavelength with you...

BorrowTrouble posted 8/21/2010 09:59 AM

You know he has a book for people who are not yet in a relationship. It's called Keeping the Love You Find.

It's not as well written as Getting the Love You Want (for which Hendrix used a ghost writer), but it's packed with good, useful information.

doesitgetbetter posted 8/25/2010 02:03 AM

He has another good one for anyone, single or married. It's called Receiving Love. It helps individuals work through some of their FOO issues and feel worthy of the love that they truly deserve. There is also a companion workbook for it too.

tearsofjade posted 8/25/2010 04:09 AM

Have all his books. Excellent. I would recommend Keeping the love you find, which is for singles. I have Getting the love, but it makes me sad thinking if he would have just put effort into it we could have saved the M. But he didn't and now I am OK with that and Keeping.. and Journey from abandonment have helped me.

Lost&Hurt posted 8/25/2010 06:20 AM

Have the book, did an Imago weekend....

While I believe in the ideas and approach, unless you are with someone who will practice this technique along with you, it is pointless..

It is one of those processess that requires cooperation between partners and...mine wouldn't....

So you would likely ask, why bother....?

Well some days I feel that way too....and all I can conclude is that he is a man of action, rather than one of words...

He cannot handle all the talk that Imago he does things....

It used to work well for us, but the A changed all that.

I'm trying to find comfortable ground again...but this didn't do it for us.

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bigpicture3236 posted 9/3/2010 19:41 PM

I thought the ideas were good, providing you had a willing spouse. If you didn't, you sold the book, like I did...

7yrsbetrayed posted 9/5/2010 00:40 AM

My rSA and I used it in our MC and it was wonderful. Very helpful once we got to the place where MC could actually work... after we'd both done a lot of IC.

Crossbow posted 9/5/2010 23:05 PM

I loved both this one and Keeping the Love You Find. I'd recommend them for sure.

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