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The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

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InnerLight posted 8/20/2010 23:36 PM

I'm really enjoying this novel set in Budapest and Paris in the late 1930's. A Hungarian Jewish architecture student falls into a complicated love affair. I haven't got there yet but then there's the war and labor camps and other madness to come.

I have a fascination with reading about europe in ww2, especially budapest.

My Dad was born and raised in Budapest and was a teenager and young adult during ww2. He wrote down his story for me for my 40th bd, 10 yrs ago.

I've been to budapest 3 times and remember a few words of hungarian my grandparents taught me.

So it's a rare tale that includes details and words about hungary that I know.

It's a really well written novel and it's really keeping my interest.

Ever since Infidelity/Divorce my attention span has been severely curtailed. This is deepest book I've been able to read.

So far it's excellent!

InnerLight posted 8/27/2010 00:18 AM

Finished this book and really loved it.

anyone interested in historical novels esp around WW2 would enjoy this

beautifully written, great characters, well done for accurate details.

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