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Anyone enjoy Reader's Digest?

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Cally60 posted 8/28/2010 22:38 PM

I know it's lightweight reading, but I like it. I'm about to renew my subscription and they've offered me a free ten-month gift subscription. (As they seem to do often!) So I just wondered whether anyone here would like it.

It would mean that you'd have to send me your name and address of course. And you'd probably start getting junk mail from RD. But I have used the free subscription before and it was genuinely free - no other catches.

If you'd like it, please let me know by private message. (You don't need to put your name and address in your message - just wait until I reply, in case I receive more than one response and am not able to give you the subscription.)

Cally60 posted 8/30/2010 13:32 PM

Just a quick post to say that the subscription has now been promised to someone. Thank you for reading the thread. :-)

iwantamiracle posted 8/30/2010 13:42 PM

in the future you could send that subscription to the military...i do everytime i renew..

i love it, it a great read in the um...ladies room...

dreamlife posted 8/30/2010 13:58 PM

I adore RD!

howcouldhe1 posted 8/30/2010 14:15 PM

Gosh, that's a blast from the past. I haven't read it for years but I used to love it

We stopped when BT got annoyed that no matter how many special offers he signed up for we never won the 50k prize draw.

HPrynne posted 9/3/2010 10:34 AM

Cally 60 -- thank you so much!
And I'm in the military so I appreciate what IWAM does with her subscriptions (referring to the military donations, not the ladies room comment -- haha!)

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