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New Jennifer Crusie

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brooke4 posted 9/18/2010 06:00 AM

Anyone read it?

I just got it but am going to have no time this weekend. It's taunting me...

ladyvorkosigan posted 9/19/2010 04:38 AM

Is it with that guy again or is it just her?

I hate the stuff with the guy.

brooke4 posted 9/19/2010 09:25 AM

Just her. Wish I was going to have time to dip in. I may have to pull an all-nighter...

ETA: It's called Maybe This Time

[This message edited by brooke4 at 9:26 AM, September 19th (Sunday)]

manAscending posted 9/19/2010 15:10 PM

Just added to my mooching list. Thanks for the heads up.

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