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Kindle Battery Question

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GroundZero posted 9/24/2010 20:01 PM

I have the version of the Kindle before this latest one (of course I bought it a week before the new ones came out - shame on me for not researching whether a new version was in the works).

Anyway, I tend to keep it in my bag and read on the train or in waiting rooms etc. Sometimes I go several days without using it. I will go from battery completely charged to completely dead. I think it is because the Kindle insists on putting those pretty designs on the screen even when it is "off." But when I have an hour train ride, like I did today, and nothing to read - I get peeved that I can't seem to turn the thing all the way off. Like conserve the battery off.

Am I doing something wrong? If my cell phone had half of its battery life left and I turned it off, I'd expect it to have half of it's battery life left when I turned it back on, even a few days later. This doesn't seem to be the case with the Kindle.

What am I missing?

punky posted 9/24/2010 20:04 PM

If you bought it that close to third generation release you may be able to exchange for the newest one!

I've heard of folks that have done this and said it was relatively painless through Amazon customer service.

The battery life on this new Kindle is amazing. I haven't had any issues.

Do you keep the wireless off? That will help.

GroundZero posted 9/24/2010 20:09 PM

Thanks Punky! I will try both (wireless off and seeing if I can get the new generation - I certainly felt a little peeved that it happened that way, but figured caveat emptor)!

New Joy posted 9/27/2010 23:02 PM

Turning the wireless off makes a huge difference in how long the battery lasted.

That being said, call customer service & talk to them. Have heard they are very helpful & very fair about replacement or exchanges.

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