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waiting2see posted 9/25/2010 13:36 PM

Is anyone else afraid of the reports that B and N may go out of business? If that happens the Nook will just be obsolete?

Maybe Amazon will offer a download of some sort to adapt the Nook to Kindle e books. Is that even possible?

schmoop posted 9/25/2010 14:12 PM

Not a Nook owner. This is the very reason I have a Kindle. Amazon is a very large company with a SOLID background. I had looked at the other ebook readers, and none of the other companies offered the security that amazon had for me. My guess is that no, amazon will not make a change to allow others to download their books, they would want you to have a kindle...

waiting2see posted 9/25/2010 15:54 PM

I got the Nook b/c my good friend has it and we can lend each other books on it. But it's going to suck if B and N goes out.

teach5 posted 9/25/2010 17:10 PM

Check your library- I can download books for free from our local library- you just have to return them.

GabyBaby posted 9/25/2010 23:43 PM

I love my Nook.

If B&N goes under, I'll be 'forced' to upgrade to an iPad. (At least that's the reason I'll give my hubby, lol)

SwitchedOnLotus posted 10/24/2010 22:35 PM

Apparently there's a new Nook update coming out in November! There were several changes listed in the e-mail, but one thing I noticed is that Nook is keeping competetive by having a new feature that will sync your "place" in the book across devices, so if you are reading on a phone or the nook or your laptop, it will remember where you left off in each book. Exciting that there's a new update!!

jjct posted 10/24/2010 23:10 PM

I suspect there might be a bit of hyperbole in the 'going out of business' rumors...
I suspected it when I first heard it. Could be one of those hyped-up stories pushed by parties interested in suppressing nook sales...idk.

It's not like it's going to affect me that much anyway. (I know about the update too!)
I know I's what? 150 bucks?
I've blown more on that on concerts I can barely remember.
So if they do go out - I'll hunt for the next ereader.

Brick and mortar stores - especially for books! - seem to have an uncertain future, given the webz anyway
I'm ramblin aren't I?
Why hello!

BelieveThis posted 10/25/2010 12:19 PM

I have heard that if Barnes and Noble shut down there store front, they will continue on the web...Alot of people are doing just that!

I love my Nook...and I like to have the ability to share my books with friends!

ichoose2live posted 10/25/2010 13:03 PM

Oh great! I just ordered a PanDigital ebook reader from QVC this week and it's owned by B&N. Now I'm wondering if I should send it back when it comes! Crap! Knew I should of gone with the Kindle.

SwitchedOnLotus posted 10/28/2010 06:45 AM

I would send back the PanDigital eReader if I were you, and I'd order B&N's new Nook - NookColor!

I like my dual screen Original Nook, but in terms of wondering if B&N will last as online eBook retailer, I'd say for a long while, as they just released NookColor.

NookColor is a curious combination of eReader and net surfer, all touchscreen, larger screen, and comes with many apps, one of which facilitates sharing of book recommendations on your social networking website of choice.

My FWH is concerned about the massive amounts of waste this release will cause in terms of Nook version 1 owners chucking it in favor of the nearly iPad NookColor, so if you're someone who wants to read books in color, read books with a two-page spread, NookColor might be your thing. I would recommend then giving your original Nook to someone who will use it - Women's Shelters would be a cool way to do that (but they'd need to set up their own email account in order to browse the net or get book samples, etc.).

I got my Nook in March - this is pretty fast turnaround for a new model.

ichoose2live posted 11/1/2010 22:15 PM

t/j Thanks for info on NookColor, SwitchedOnLotus, I will be looking into it. The PanDigital Novel came today and seems to be very much like the newest Nook, so I'll be trying it out first then make my decision. Thanks again!
end t/j

Lionne posted 11/2/2010 01:32 AM

I am a Kindler, but I have to say that I think the B&N is probably safe. Not necessary as a BIG retailer. But the Nook is here to stay, as is the Kindle, the IPad and whatever turns up as the IPad competition. B&N may close some stores but digital books are here to stay and will only get better, more widespread and cheaper. Print books are too expensive in terms of money, trees and transportation costs to continue the way they have. And people continue to read (thank heavens) I'm a librarian and each year I have to THROW AWAY dozens of outdated, unread or just worn out books. It breaks my heart. We may be digital immigrants but our kids are native to this visual language and will accept it much more easily than we old timers.

GabyBaby posted 11/6/2010 22:41 PM

We may be digital immigrants but our kids are native to this visual language and will accept it much more easily than we old timers.

I totally agree with this.
I love that Nook/Barnes and Noble are offering textbooks in eform for college kids.

Hopefully the publishers will get on boards sooner rather than later.
Carrying one Nook is a heck of a lot lighter than 4 or 5 textbooks!

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