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John Kellerman ...

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Jen posted 9/26/2010 00:55 AM

anyone read him ???

when I was at the TX g2g stopped at a Goodwill on the way home ... not my favorite store ... but I found myself in the book section and found 10 books by this author ...

and I liked what I read on the covers ... hard back books were only $2 a piece so I bought 10 ...

and I get to use my new Oktoberfest book mark ...

they appear to be crime type books which I like ... I also like the tv type movies ... the Law & Orders and CSI's so it seems his style of writing fits right in with these ...

anyone else read him ???

kinda excited ... the 1st one I am gonna read is Survival of the Fittest ...

Jen posted 9/27/2010 16:15 PM

nobody really ???

well ok then ... the book is really good so far ... so there ...

eta cause I can't spell ...

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GabyBaby posted 9/27/2010 21:51 PM

I had to check the title and make sure you were referring to JONATHAN Kellerman, lol.

I love his books. The 'Alex Delaware' series caught my attention several years ago.

He's a great writer and most of his books capture your attention immediately and continue to hold it!

Jen posted 9/27/2010 21:58 PM

yes it is Johnathan just did not feel like spelling all that out ...

wifehad5 posted 9/29/2010 17:05 PM

Never heard of John Kellerman

I started reading him many years ago, and have read most of his books

NewAttitude posted 9/29/2010 17:08 PM

If you like Kellerman you should read Kirk Mitchell.

He is the heir apparent to the Kellerman style of fiction.

tkd1 posted 9/29/2010 18:03 PM

I LOVE Jonathan Kellerman!

Jen posted 9/29/2010 20:00 PM

thanks all ... I am still in the start of the book and I am loving it ... I cannot wait to read the rest I got ...

and I will check out Kirk Mitchell NA thanks for the tip ...

Inchoate posted 9/29/2010 21:31 PM

They are good stories with solid writing, but the character of Alex Delaware pings my 'narcissist' button a little. He's a bit too....self-consciously self aware and enlightened yet phonily self-deprecating? I can't describe it.

(secretly hoping ladyv will log in, see this, know what I mean, and nail it perfectly in about seven words)

I actually prefer his wife's books. Faye Kellerman writes the Pete Decker/Rina Lazarus mysteries, and they are quite good.

gerrygirl posted 9/29/2010 22:04 PM

I LOVE Jonathan Kellerman. I was really bummed when I read about Robin (You will know what I mean when you read more of the Alex Delaware novels). I stopped reading his Alex novels for a while I was so pissed about it.

His wife, Faye Kellerman, is really good, too.

Jen posted 9/29/2010 22:26 PM

so the whole Kellerman clan sounds like wonderful authors ...

squee ...

leapyearbaby posted 10/8/2010 02:32 AM

and now their son, Jesse Kellerman has written a couple. That apple didn't fall too far from the tree....

If you like Alex Delaware, try Steven White's Allan Gregory series set in Boulder. Must be the psychologist in them...they are both so...understanding...

imokay posted 10/8/2010 04:40 AM

I was on a Jonathan Kellerman kick for a while.

I really like his books.

I find Faye kellerman OK. I prefer her husbands books, though.

I will have to look for their son's books.

darkbeast posted 10/8/2010 08:17 AM

I read "Bad Love" and thought it was one of the worst books that I had ever read.

Just plain wrong posted 11/17/2010 08:38 AM

I have read all of Jonathan Kellermans books. I LOVE HIS STUFF!!!! The Alex Delaware are my favorite ones, but he has some that branch off of the same crew that are based on a female Detective named Petra..Connor? I think is that last name, but they are really good as well. I am one who has to go from the beginning so as to not miss anything along the way, so I looked him up and wrote down in order all the Alex Delaware novels and then checked them out one by one from the lobrary or bought them from used book stores.

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