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A book addressing triggers

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Very, very tired posted 10/6/2010 13:20 PM

My latest read is Joan Didion's "The Year of Magical Thinking."

In the book, Didion addresses the trauma she faced after the coma of her daughter and the sudden death of her husband.

While the book has nothing to do with infidelity, I was touched by how Didion faced (or avoided) triggers and how she tried to be in control and "normal" when in hindsight she was anything but.

Those who have dealt with an S or D may find Didion's "Magical Thinking" about her H coming back (she couldn't give away all of his shoes) powerful. (I never moved my H's slippers or bathrobe during our S.)

An A isn't death, but I think there are some issues in this book that many A "survivors" can relate to.

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HIDINGFROMCRAZY posted 10/6/2010 14:58 PM

thanks for this recommendation. I have had this book on my radar for awhile, but never actually got to it. I think I'll make the effort now.

I also think an affair has a lot in common with death. I feel like a part of me died, and will not be coming back.

Very, very tired posted 10/6/2010 21:47 PM

I agree with the affair and death relationship. I went through a tragic family death (many, many years before the A's) and I find myself relating back to a lot of those feelings.

Trauma is trauma. Grief is grief.

Hearing others' stories helps. That's why I posted about the book. I think it would help a lot of people.

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