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happens every day

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urwyfe posted 10/24/2010 12:52 PM

Great book to check out!
Happens Every Day by Isabel Gillies
Her memoir of the infidelity of her husband. She is an actor that played on "law an Order" tv show. Gave up her career to be a stay at home wife. Then the unimaginable happened. We can all relate. Funny thing! I was drawn to this book for no apparent reason. Just saw it was a true story, read a little of the description on the back and took it home. Turned out to be so deeply related as far as emotions. No matter the story content of all of us. The emotions, up and down, are all the same. Happy reading.

hoosiergirl posted 10/24/2010 14:31 PM

When I read it, I was just reading it. Now Im a BW....I wish she would have 180'd that man....I wonder how it would have turned out?

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teach5 posted 10/28/2010 19:54 PM

Thanks for the recommendation- I just cried my way through it.
Catharsis is good for the soul!

urwyfe posted 10/28/2010 20:46 PM

yes such a great book. Just picked up another one today called Why men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I have another book I haven't started reading yet, but will start soon called Marry or Burn stories by Valerie Trueblood. Haven't started reading yet. Happy Reading. Has anyone ever done a bookclub like reading on here. Where we all start the same book the same time and then we can come in here and talk about the book. That would be kool

WhiteWolfWinning posted 10/29/2010 13:44 PM

I thought it was beautifully written. My sistere lent it to me because of the infidelity and becuase I live fairly close to Oberlin. It's such a neat little town and she described it very accurately.

urwyfe posted 10/29/2010 19:50 PM

So glad there are other people who enjoyed the book. It is a melancholy book because you can relate to it. What is crazy is when I read it, my WH had bumped into the other woman aftern not seeing her for months and thats when the problems started again. Although she is not the problem now. Well written. It take you right there in Oberlin!

hurtinky posted 11/23/2010 01:03 AM

I absolutely adored it. And KUDOS to her for her slyness. I am positive she wrote the book, in part, to expose what they did. I think she is a genius.

This book was Starbuck's Book of the Month when it came out. I read somewhere that there is a Starbucks in Oberlin. Her book was placed in the store. LOL I love it. She jump started the Karma Bus. Smart smart lady. She's my hero.

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