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nostupidboys posted 12/9/2010 09:53 AM

Hi friends. Wow...I stop and think about how typing "Friends" came naturally. I don't know any of you personally but I understand we've all dealt with pain...a common thread.

I was going through some old books, trying to de-clutter. I found a book I'm sure I read in the JFO stage. It's called Torn Asunder: Recovering From Extra Marital Affairs.

If anyone wants it, send a pm with your name and address and I'll drop it in the mail. I really don't recall if it helped me or not. I'm 3 years out and reconciled. I did find notes that I made on a sheet of paper inside the book so I'm certain I read it. Anyway, it goes to the first pm.

nostupidboys posted 12/9/2010 12:10 PM

Book is taken.

nostupidboys posted 12/14/2010 23:06 PM

to the friend I sent this book to...I think you PM'd me and I accidentally deleted the entire thread. Can you resend please?

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