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Name the book/author (Help us find these books again!)

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Threnody posted 12/22/2010 16:07 PM

I have some books where I only remember the storyline, but I've long since forgotten the title or even the author. I know I'm not the only one, so here's a thread to post your hints and maybe someone else can come along and help you name the book.

My first one:

A teenage girl gets marooned on an island in (I think) the one of the American Great Lakes. She took a boat out, it died or something, and she ended up on this island for about a year. She survived the winter, talked about how her body changed because of the diet & stress, etc. I believe it was young adult fiction. I read it in junior high (early 80s) and would love to find the book again to suggest it to my mom.

Kjersti posted 12/22/2010 16:57 PM

The only book I know which is like this is a very popular Young Adult novel titled Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O'Dell.

It's the same as what you're describing (sort of! ), except that the "place" is one of the Channel Islands, off California's Pacific coast, across--and within easy sight of land on a clear day--from what is now Santa Barbara. This was based on the true story of a Chumash Indian teenager who spent several years there, surviving alone, and was eventually rescued. (Much later, after she died, she was buried in a grave which is now considered part of Southern California's history.) What you describe, however, is similar to her actual story (and the plot of this novel).

Except that California's Channel Islands are a whole long way away from the American Great Lakes!!!

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NewAttitude posted 12/22/2010 17:04 PM

The Island Keeper by Harry Mazar?

Threnody posted 12/22/2010 20:31 PM

OMG. NA, I owe you!

It was a really incredible book and made such a huge impression on me when I was in 6th or 7th grade.

Oh heck. I'm going to cry now. THANK YOU.

NewAttitude posted 12/22/2010 20:31 PM

I wasn't sure if that was it or not but I'm so glad it was.

7yrsbetrayed posted 12/24/2010 12:21 PM

Instead of starting a new thread I'll try here.

I read a book in the late 70s or early 80s or so.

It's quite possible I'm mixing two books in my head which complicates matters.

I *think* it was set in a Colorado town (this is the part where I might be confusing it with another book) but the main plot that I remember is that this young girl sees visions of the future. I specifically remember her having a vision about the moon landing and seeing the astronaut with his visor down. She definitely lives in the 1800s or maybe 1900s but definitely before technology.

I know it's vague, I wish I could remember more.


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