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My husband's affair became the best thing...

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HurtMommy203 posted 12/28/2010 19:57 PM

Anyone have this book that would be willing to let me borrow? I would send it back in as good condition as given.

imokay posted 12/28/2010 20:16 PM

There is a book by this title???

sharim posted 12/29/2010 01:08 AM

PM me with your addy and I will send my copy. No need to return -- just pass along as needed.

HurtMommy203 posted 12/29/2010 07:08 AM

imokay: Yes, this full title is My Husband's Affair Became The Best Thing That Happened To Me. Horrible title, but I think she's referring to how strong their marriage was after the R. Type in "Anne Bercht" in a Google search, and you'll find some clips from the Dr. Phil and Oprah shows.

Here's the book on Amazon:

Jessy1501 posted 12/29/2010 08:16 AM

Awesome book. I had it but already gave it away.

tukuhnikivats posted 12/30/2010 23:01 PM

I need to keep my copy for a while. I read it the week after D-Day. It was much more helpful that Surviving Infidelity.

I go to Anne's website, often and they have some great teleseminars posted there that you can listen to. Just listening to the other couples talk openly about it made me feel not so isolated.

They also have healing get aways for couples and Anne and her WH Brian work one on one with couples.

married26yrs posted 5/22/2011 02:57 AM

I read this book the day after I discovered my husband's affair. It was through this book that I found a support group in the state that I reside in.

Adolphsnightmare posted 6/13/2011 08:40 AM

I was able to listen to Anne and her husband online and I just hated her husbands voice. Plus, he kept interrupting her and then she would agree with whatever he said. Her husband seemed annoyed when she would talk too long about something and that's when the interrupting began.

Crescita posted 8/5/2011 13:26 PM

I read this book about a month after d-day. It helped in a lot of respects, but I also found it discouraging. I felt the author's faith, commitment, and love for her WH was so much stronger than my own. Didn't help that I never warmed to the husband. Thought he was completely useless and childish throughout. So I couldn't help but think, if it's all on the BS to save a marriage, mine probably won't make it, because I could not put up with that man-child. Two months later I am still putting up with my own man-child, but not as gracefully, so who knows.

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