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Alexander McCall Smith

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Skye posted 1/1/2011 13:19 PM

Have any of you read him? He writes a few different series. I think my favorite is about the phlosopher, Isabel Dalhousie. I just finished "The Charming Quirks of Others" which I would love to discuss.

fairyfriend posted 1/1/2011 14:18 PM

I have read several of his novels, including the first two of his Isabel Dalhousie series, but I haven't kept up with that series.

I'll try to remember to go back to it after our local library (which has now closed its temporary location while the refurnished library building is being readied for reopening) is up and running.

I did enjoy the series because of the philosophical bent and the way the endings fit into her way of thinking rather than being the expected ending.

cautiousoptimist posted 1/1/2011 15:14 PM

LOVE. Have read all of his stuff. I'm especially fond of the 44 Scotland St. series, but adore Isabel AND Precious Ramotswe.

He makes me feel so tender and compassionate.

fairyfriend posted 1/1/2011 21:13 PM

Precious is my all-time favorite.

Have you seen the tv series? I haven't and have wondered if it is worth buying.

Skye posted 1/1/2011 21:30 PM

I love all his books, too. This particular one deals with cheating and questions whether we should question our SO. Unfortunately, for many on SI, we trusted blindly. The main character comes at this subject from two angles--a woman in love and a philosopher. It does make one realize how differently we who have been cheated on think compared to those who have not been cheated on.

The TV series was worth seeing, but I'm not sure worth buying, but I tend not to buy that stuff and rent it instead.

Kjersti posted 1/1/2011 23:22 PM

The TV series is wonderful, but I agree with Skye: rent (at least at first). Netflix has them.

Well done (and well acted) series. I--personally--loved it.

Kjersti posted 1/1/2011 23:22 PM

[Double post.]

My apologies to all.

[This message edited by Kjersti at 11:23 PM, January 1st (Saturday)]

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