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Safe Haven Marriage

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timestandsstill posted 1/3/2011 17:20 PM

Just started reading this and it's interesting, different approach so far. It only has a few pages on dealing with affairs, but a lot on creating emotional safety, attachment, and trust in the relationship.

manAscending posted 1/4/2011 18:50 PM

If this book appeals to you, I bet you'd also like Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. It's written by a woman who helped pioneer Emotionally Focussed Therapy, which it looks like is the predominant framework for Safe Haven Marriage. The book I'm recommending completely altered my view of relationships for the better, and helped me to see how a good marriage is one where both partners feel safe and secure. Please let me know how you like your book as you progress through it. I've already added it to my mooch list. Thanks!

Mrs.Confused posted 1/4/2011 20:16 PM

Always nice to hear of good books that help in healing. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs.Confused posted 1/4/2011 23:43 PM

I have read over alot of reviews tonight on the book you recommended Safe Haven Marriage and your right, it appears to be a great book about re connecting and emotionally trusting.

Wish I had a kindle or e- reader....Enjoy your find, learning and growing

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