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Has anyone read Transcending Post-infidelity Stress Disorder?

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Jay1029 posted 1/5/2011 19:26 PM

I was wondering if anyone has read this book and can provide feedback before I buy.

Transcending Post-infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD): The Six Stages of Healing


Taurusinpain posted 1/5/2011 20:46 PM

This was actually the first "A" related book I ready right after Dday 9 months ago.

It was just OK, not great but worth the read. I would try to get it from your local library first before dishing out the money for it. I found my library had more than one copy.

leapyearbaby posted 1/5/2011 22:34 PM

I wasn't impressed either. I thought it pretty limiting... In fact, u can have mine for shipping.

leapyearbaby posted 1/5/2011 22:36 PM

Sorry, Jay...I just noticed you are new....if you are looking for some good books try Janis Abrams Springs and Shirley Glass.

Newtwood posted 1/5/2011 22:38 PM

I read it and I have to agree with others saying it was just-okay. I expected more and it just didn't deliver.

circlingthedrain posted 1/6/2011 12:13 PM

I'd have to agree with the others. Wasn't impressed

Jay1029 posted 1/6/2011 19:12 PM

Thank you all for the feedback. Tied of spending money on not so good books.

UR_AN_IDIOT posted 1/6/2011 19:33 PM


I have read about 20 books. Some were great and some not so great and some were worhtless. If you want to share a little about what you are looking for in a book I might be able to help.

Not sure if you are reconciling or not or what your status is.

I read PISD and I really thought it was helpful in some ways. I didn't hate it. Sometimes I have read a good book at the wrong time in my journey and it wasn't helpful to me because of timing.

sisoon posted 2/8/2012 14:27 PM

Here's another thread on this book:

Someone called it rigid, and I agree. At this point, I'd also say 'simplistic'.

It's interesting, but regular PTSD stuff seems just as to the point.

If someone wants my copy, PM me...especially if you want to trade your 'Not Just Friends' for my 'PISD'.

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