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Barnes & Noble Nook :) :)

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poopylala posted 1/16/2011 21:54 PM

My WBF gave me the Nook Color for Christmas because I love reading but have physically run out of places to store books. So if you have a Nook and want to try the thing where you can swap e-books, let me know! I only have "Not Just Friends" and some freebie books on mine so far but I've never tried the Lend Me feature!

Anyways, anyone interested in book-swapping through Nooks (does it have to be only Nook Color if that's what I have?) let me know!!

Holly-Isis posted 1/20/2011 17:53 PM

I don't have any swappable books yet, but I'll post when I do.

I use the Nook app and from what I read, it can be loaned to other devices.

DTaC posted 1/20/2011 20:04 PM

I LOVE my nook app. I have some lendable books, what are you looking for?

HippyQueen posted 1/20/2011 20:09 PM

I love my nook - got it for my birthday last October. I have a couple of swappable books - but mostly romance right now.

poopylala posted 1/21/2011 00:57 AM

I have several free romance books (harlequin/silhouette type books), Not Just Friends and another freebie called Code Blue or something like that.

I was wondering if anyone had any swappable books on A-related stuff. I only have Not Just Friends to swap as far as A-related books go.

MzMagoo posted 1/30/2011 16:10 PM

I have a nook, and have many books to lend. What do you like to read? Always willing to share, and I read a ton of different genres!

poopylala posted 1/31/2011 13:55 PM

Cool! Do you have any infidelity books, like "surviving infidelity" or "after the affair" or any books like those? If you don't have not just friends I can lend that to you

neverendinghurt posted 1/31/2011 19:25 PM

I have a Nook too

poopylala posted 1/31/2011 19:33 PM

Yeah!! What books do you have?

OnMyFeet posted 1/31/2011 21:00 PM

I don't have Lend Me books yet but I do have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Nook!!!!!

MzMagoo posted 1/31/2011 23:35 PM

I don't have any books on infidelity. They seem to be hard to find for nook.

I do, however, have a host of other books. I teach hs English, and as expected, I read a lot

Any type of literature you feel you want to escape in? I have loads of classics, paranormal stuff, romance stuff (a bit hard to swallow considering all the crap we are going through), thrillers, mysteries.

Just let me know if you are interested!

realitybites posted 2/1/2011 08:42 AM

Join me in the Nook Club! Got a color nook for Christmas too! Just learning to use it but would be happy to lend or borrow anytime.

poopylala posted 2/1/2011 11:42 AM

I don't have many Lend Me books but I just bought Surviving Infidelity for my nook. How do you swap books on them? And when I lend out a book, would I have to wait until I "get it back" to read it or can I read it while it's being lent to someone else?

I love paranormal, mystery, thriller, drama, I'm trying to branch back out to books other than romance books and funny story (kind of..)- the first romance novel I picked up after DDay started out with the girl finding her boyfriend cheating on her. REALLY??? That had to be the first one I read?? Thanks, Harlequin..

I have some Harlequin/Silhouette books, Code Blue (medical drama?), Not Just Friends, Surviving Infidelity, and a series (3 so far) about alien abductions. Can we only lend the ones that actually have the "Lend Me" banner on the outside of the book?

MzMagoo posted 2/1/2011 20:27 PM

All you need to lend is the persons' email address that is associated with their nook, and a "lendable" book. It should say "lend me" next to the title (not very many are lendable). You will not be able to read the book while it is out. I think it comes back in 10 days. I believe it says "on loan", or something like that.

Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry
7th Victim by Alan Jacobson

Just looked more closely...most of my lendables are romance (ugh), or classics.

Let me know if you want to borrow something

Holly-Isis posted 2/10/2011 17:09 PM

I have a lendable: A Woman's Path to Inner Beauty by Ginger Garrett. I'm currently reading a different book that's not a lendable, so if anyone wants to check it out, just let me know.

neverendinghurt posted 2/10/2011 17:30 PM

Oh I will have to look and see if I have any that are lendable.

I don't have many yet. I took it on vacation then wanted to finish reading books I had around the house before I loaded the Nook up

wordsfail posted 2/17/2011 17:45 PM

I have a nook

Reading is like oxygen: couldn't live without.

Also an English major.

MzMagoo posted 2/23/2011 16:56 PM

wordsfail, I wish I would have had my nook when I was getting my would have saved me a ton of money on books!!

If anyone wants to borrow Codependent No More, let me know. I found it very insightful

poopylala posted 3/1/2011 22:16 PM

wordsfail and MzMagoo, I was admitted to my university originally as an English major but stuck with my other true love, Biology

I read MzMagoo's 7th Victim which was super awesome.

Does anyone else have any crime dramas or anything? Even if it's not a Lend Me book, can anyone recommend any good crime dramas?

dawnkellyy posted 3/5/2011 06:11 AM

i have a nook. its awesome wonderful amazing. books i have that say lend me are
1. surviving the affair fred mcallen
2.truth about cheating gary newman
3. mastering your man from head to head jordan larousse
4. myths and legends of anbient grece
5 word morph volume one
6 the lost hero rick jordan
let me know if anyone interested

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