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Memoirs of a Widowed MIstress: A Love Story

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widowedmistress posted 1/22/2011 15:04 PM

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GroundZero posted 1/22/2011 15:12 PM

Wow. Your outright blameshifting:

my husband refused to love me. He rejected my sexual needs and told me that my emotional needs were just too much for him. He wanted nothing more from me than a clean home and dinner on the table at 6:00.

and shameless self-promotion (which is against the guidelines of the board, by the way) make me want to

And I am a fWW myself, by the way.

widowedmistress posted 1/22/2011 15:25 PM

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JanaGreen posted 1/22/2011 15:40 PM

Soooo you registered for this site the same month you published your book?

And how does your husband feel about you referring to your affair partner as the "love of your life?"

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Kaci posted 1/22/2011 15:49 PM


JanaGreen posted 1/22/2011 15:55 PM

Call it what you like—illicit, forbidden, even wrong—but falling in love outside of marriage happens every day.. . . your average suburban mom with a good husband, two beautiful kids, and a nice home. A reunion with college friends puts her on a plane to Hawaii next to Carlos, an attractive older married man. Phone numbers are exchanged. She thinks better of following up with him, but her curiosity gets the best of her. With one phone call, followed by a casual lunch, a five-and-a-half year love affair was born. The dynamics are powerful, messy, and even dangerous, but . . . leaving it all behind isn’t an option. The animal attraction she and Carlos share is unlike anything she’s ever experienced. The adulterous love they find is the truest love she has ever known. But in the end, when Carlos is diagnosed with Amyloidosis, a rare blood disorder, she is hit with two hard truths: mistresses are always outsiders and sometimes all the love a person has to give isn’t enough to save a life.

I think you might have better luck hawking your book on a forum for mistresses, not in a place where betrayed spouses are REELING from the pain of infidelity and wayward spouses are trying to heal as well.

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widowedmistress posted 1/22/2011 16:00 PM

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Rise And Shine posted 1/22/2011 16:13 PM

I know this won't sound very romantic but you're not a mistress, you're a whore.

It's the plain truth of the matter.

A whore.

And there's no soliciting on this site.

Ready_to_run posted 1/22/2011 16:13 PM

He was indifferent. I had an affair and he retreated further. We each made our mistakes.

He may have made mistakes. But, yours was not a mistake...It was a selfish, premeditated decision to piss all over your wedding vows. Nothing remotely romantic about it and certainly not a love story.

Fighting2Survive posted 1/22/2011 16:30 PM

The only thing I have to say about this is:

I agree with all the other posters. It's one thing to come here to seek support for doing the internal work of recovering from your DECISION to have an A. It's beyond believable to be here to profit from it.

The A might not make you a whore if you were honestly owning your shit, but seeking money for sleeping with someone definately does.

SierraGrace posted 1/22/2011 16:40 PM

Oh Yikes, mods will be here shortly I'm quite sure.

It's one thing to want to come here for support since you BETRAYED your H, your children and your marriage, but to flaunt and promote a book about having been a mistress....the numbers of BS'es feeling gutted by this must be astronomical.

This site is for the deeply betrayed and those who did the betrayal that want HELP and SUPPORT. It is NOT a marketplace for flaunting and selling your betrayal.

When I saw your handle, I had a feeling this was not going to be a good thing...

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Rise_Above posted 1/22/2011 17:06 PM

As you are new here, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the guidelines, especially this one.

NO SOLICITING: does not allow soliciting of any kind, publicly OR via Private Message. This includes threads with links to other relationship sites and charities and self serving voting sites, social networking, etc. If you have a product, service or Website you believe to be in the interest of, please contact an Administrator.

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oceanwaves posted 1/22/2011 17:08 PM

Oh my gosh.

Are you freaking serious?? What a slap in the face to your betrayed husband and your affair partners wife.

You know what? Go check out the Just found out forum...... take a look at what your "true love forever" does to the other people.

Talk about self indulgent and selfish... the affair was for you, the book is for you and of course the reconciliation is for you.....


Deeply Scared posted 1/22/2011 17:27 PM

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