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suggestions on good resource books for dealing with affair

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2crazykids posted 1/27/2011 15:14 PM

just ordered "not just friends" and journey from ababndonment to healing. are there any other good resource books that will help


trumanshow posted 1/27/2011 16:05 PM

In addition to NJF:

You, Him, and the Other Woman

The Script

Divorce Busting and Divorce Remedy

Surviving Yor Husband's Midlife Crisis

lost43 posted 1/27/2011 19:12 PM

I liked After the Affair, after I found out about my H affair it was very hard to focus on much of anything and that book was a nice easy read...I did not like the book Repairing Your Marriage After His Afair...all I got out of that book was blah blah blah, baby your husband blah blah blah...

looking forward posted 1/28/2011 20:20 PM

What do you mean by "dealing"?

Moving on?

ETA: I PMd you a LONG list of books and their synopses.

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Taurusinpain posted 2/5/2011 08:00 AM

Sexual Detours by Holly Hein is not mentioned much but in my opinion was very good and touched quite a bit on FOO issues that made sense.

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