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101 nights of grrreat sex

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Nothin2Hide posted 2/9/2011 06:59 AM

Anybody used this book? I'm curious to buy it but I'd like to know a bit more about what some of the activities are. I don't mind trying new things but I do have a line I won't cross with some things.

poopylala posted 2/12/2011 21:27 PM

I haven't but I'm curious about it now

I do know Cosmopolitan has the Kama Sutra book and they also have a 30-days of sex challenge with suggestions for different positions every night that you might look at.

pmr411 posted 3/2/2011 15:06 PM

Loved to hear if anyone has read the book. I'm in R and could use any new ideas or tips.

standingonmarble posted 3/10/2011 20:50 PM

I'm a lurker and this is my first post but I have owned this book for years. It contains 52 pullout pages, half for men, half for women. The ones for the men are mainly fantasy situations, a few techniques, the women ones are mainly techniques and mood setting. Its fun, lots of ideas to freshen things up.

Survivor_101 posted 3/23/2011 19:03 PM

Personally, I can't wait until I'm in a position (no pun intended) to need a book like this!!

rempress posted 4/4/2011 13:12 PM

Thanks! Definitly going to find this book!

cryingdaily posted 4/4/2011 16:38 PM

Not that I have any need for it now but...

101 nights

30-days of sex challenge with suggestions for different positions every night

A new position ever night? Is it one of those articles that expects you to be a professional contortionist?

SisterMilkshake posted 4/7/2011 10:08 AM

I gave this book to FWH for Valentines Day, sort of a couples gift.

I was going to go first, so we picked out a page/envelope from the "Her" pages, and I haven't been able to do it yet. First of all it is something that is outside of my comfort zone, but not crazy stuff, just outside my comfort zone. But, the set up is important and I haven't been able to set it up right yet. So, it has been waiting to be done since Valentines Day. *sigh*

I should have my FWH pick out an envelope for *Him* and see if he has better luck, because really it would be fun. Oh, you are supposed to keep it a secret from each other.

4kidscheatinghub posted 4/11/2011 08:12 AM

Just bought it but haven't cracked it yet!

need2moveon posted 4/12/2011 16:19 PM

We got this book years ago, and never finished it. We ended up taking turns each week, and it was fun. Some things get a little expensive, which was tough for us on a budget, but there was some fun things in there. If anything is out of a persons comfort zone, they can just take a "pass" and pull a different envelope. Not real sure why we didn't finish it. Just kinda got set aside and life went on. I'm usually the one that initiates that kind of stuff, and I think I got tired of reminding her that it was her turn.

forced2moveon posted 4/12/2011 17:38 PM

I got this book years ago and loved it! Matter of fact, I think I may need to purchase a new one!!!

imstillangry posted 4/12/2011 18:51 PM

I also bought his book for my h for Valentines Day. It has sat on the nightstand since then because we have been out of town so much. It looks fun though. Can't wait to see if he picks it up after he gets back.

issues1 posted 4/30/2011 12:29 PM

I got it and it turned into a big trigger fest. Time to put it in the back of the shelf until I'm stronger.

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