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9years posted 2/17/2011 00:17 AM

So a while back I bought a book titled '101 Really important things we already know and keep forgetting' It is one of the books you can read in any order and it won't matter, and I think I have finally, starting in the middle, read the whole thing. Here is a tidbit from my favorite chapter, and the one I couldn't read right away.

Your Past is always going to be the way it was- so stop trying to change it!

(just a paragraph)

Perhaps you believe that there is great value in trying to understand the past so you can try to figure yourself out - why you do certain things, why you react certain ways, and why you create drama in your life. There is a slight catch in analyzing the past, however: Most people who spend alot of time dwelling on the past never do get their lives in order. In fact, the harder the mind struggles with the past, the greater the pain the mind experiences. You will not free yourself from that pain until you cease to dwell on the past, until you cease deriving your sense of self from past experiences.

It was a chapter I was not able to read for a long time cause it pissed me off but now that I can, I wanted to share it.

Skye posted 2/17/2011 09:15 AM

While I understand what the author is saying, I would have to question the idea that we all know "history repeats itself." I do wonder whether our knowledge of history keeps it from repeating? It is something we would want to believe, but maybe we have less control in our lives than we realize.

I know myself very well, but I did try for years to figure out my husband, the cheater. Definitely got stuck.

9years posted 2/17/2011 10:33 AM

Interesting points Skye, its a very good read and was actually the most thought provoking book out of all my picks post dday.

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