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True Crime Readers Here?

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Need2kno posted 2/27/2011 18:09 PM


Any true crime book readers here or any of you like to read books by.. Patricia Cornwell..

Would like any other recommendations on books along the line of Patricia cornwell

Catwoman posted 2/27/2011 19:55 PM

Ann Rule would be my recommendation.

If you like crime drama from the legal side, Lisa Scottoline gets my vote.


bufffalo posted 2/27/2011 20:10 PM

Ann Rule has written several...and i have read most of hers.....i started with the one about Ted Bundy.....(sick bastard)...

TodayIsANewDay posted 2/27/2011 21:15 PM

I just read a really good one-- Strange Piece of Paradise. Nothing much like Patricia Cornwall, somewhat similar to Ann Rule. What was fascinating to me is the "unique" viewpoint of a "true crime" victim trying to solve the "mystery" of who tried to murder her 20 years earlier.

Need2kno posted 2/27/2011 21:55 PM

Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I too love ann rule!!


Need2kno posted 2/27/2011 21:55 PM

Yes! Ted Bundy was VERY sick bastard!

NewAttitude posted 2/27/2011 22:28 PM

I don't read them but as a bookseller I would recommend Karin Slaughter or Kathy Reichs.

meaniemouse posted 2/27/2011 23:52 PM

Anyone read Bitter Harvest?

Need2kno posted 2/28/2011 00:12 AM

Bitter harvest. Is that by ann rule?

meaniemouse posted 2/28/2011 17:31 PM

I think so. At least I think that's the name. I have a weird association with that book.

Catwoman posted 2/28/2011 17:33 PM

No, I don't think that's an Ann Rule. Isn't that the one where the woman kills her children in the end? Sick.


deeplysad posted 2/28/2011 17:43 PM

Bitter Havest *is* an Ann Rule book.

She is one of my favorite authors.

meaniemouse posted 2/28/2011 17:54 PM

Yup, it's Ann Rule. Bitter Harvest. Doctor lights her house on fire to get back at cheating husband (also a doctor). Ends up killing two of her three children instead. Was quite the sensation around these parts for a long time.

mom of 2 posted 2/28/2011 18:12 PM

I LOVE true crime! Fascinating stuff. To me the bible of true crime is Helter Skelter.

Here's a great website that combines my love of true crime and celebrity gossip. In fact I've been "cheating" on SI with this site. *sigh* (No offense intended. Don't mean to trigger.)

bbee posted 2/28/2011 18:57 PM

I enjoyed Zodiac by Robert Graysmith.

Need2kno posted 2/28/2011 20:16 PM

Will have to check out Zodiac - Hmmm will have to look on B&N to see the excerpt on bitter harvest - sounds familiar....

Please keep the Suggestions coming.. Thanks so much!

stefanie posted 3/1/2011 11:57 AM

[This message edited by stefanie at 12:25 AM, April 26th (Tuesday)]

hurting2much posted 3/1/2011 12:12 PM

Love true crime; Ann Rule is my favorite. Am reading 501 Most Notorious Crimes by Paul Donnelley. One to two pages of true crimes/criminals. Freaky people out there!

oncehappyred posted 3/1/2011 12:19 PM

Bitter Harvest was a good book.
I worked with the husband and knew the kids.
Very, very sad story on so many levels.

Fireball72 posted 3/1/2011 12:32 PM

I recommend Jack Olsen. He's written a few books that are a bit off the beaten path. "Son" is probably the most frightening (and easy-to-read - while Olsen is a fascinating author, he does tend to ramble off in odd directions on occasion).

If you can find it, also try "A Family Business" by Ken Englade (it's out of print, but still available on Amazon). Warning: the subject matter is a little, uh, gruesome.

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