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Not Just Friends

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Jrazz posted 3/1/2011 19:29 PM

"Not Just Friends" by Shirley Glass, PhD.

It was our compass right out of the gate.

Especially relevant for the workplace affair that "happened out of nowhere".

If we had read this book prior to four months ago, he would have realized what he was doing much sooner.

It's all I can do not to send a copy to every person in his workplace.

pmr411 posted 3/2/2011 14:48 PM

This book helped my husband understand what an EA is and how easily they can happen if we don't protect our marriage. This book saved me and really helped me understand all that I was thinking and feeling was normal. I highy recommend this book!

slippedhalo posted 3/2/2011 14:54 PM

Thanks, I'll take all the book tips I can get.

luv2swim posted 3/3/2011 13:47 PM

The book helped me tremendously. Fully the best single book, of the many I read while going through the whole craziness of infidelity and then divorce.

I thought the book was so excellent I ended up giving a copy to my husband. He claims he and OW read it, and they both thought nothing in the book applied to them, or our situation.

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