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Anyone tried Mort Fertel program?

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4kidscheatinghub posted 3/8/2011 10:24 AM

That u do together at home? Any reviews or opinions? Can u search a topic on these forums? If so where? Thx!

BlueII posted 3/8/2011 20:23 PM

I just posted a topic on this in the Reconciliation room. Very interested to hear from people who have tried this program and if it is worth the money. It's hard when you live in a more rural area and don't have access to MC.

SerJR posted 3/9/2011 05:23 AM

I bought it shortly after D-day. It was advertised as a magic bullet that would save your marriage no matter what. Obviously, it didn't. It felt like half of the material was Mort just talking about how wonderful he and his program is. There was some valuable insight/advice, but I found better material for free on and would recommend that site over it.

BlueII posted 3/9/2011 15:23 PM

I will check that site out!

4kidscheatinghub posted 3/9/2011 17:11 PM

great to know! thanks so much for letting me know that! xo

fuerza posted 3/18/2011 11:52 AM

We did...after DD1...i hated it. We coudn't go to MC at the time and his idea that the A shouldn't be talked about killed me. I was still struggling with trust issues, when A#2 happened. Wish we had done it differently. This time we are in MC and IC and I'm hopeful but afraid too much damage may have happened for R to occur. I would NOT recommend it.

TryingToBreathe posted 3/18/2011 20:19 PM

I've got his program collecting dust in my closet. I never got a chance to try it out.
My XSO moved in the OW after I moved out -- AND while *we* were in counseling.

Hmmm, maybe I should list it for sale on Craigslist.

BlueII posted 8/25/2011 15:24 PM

I have not heard one good thing about it. I signed up for the "free" part of the program and was so desperate to save my relationship that I did EVERY thing he told me to do. One of the things he mentioned was to buy your partner a gift. Now, I am about 10 days off of D day and buying my WH a gift. The gift I chose was a magazine subscription so every month I have yet another reminder of my WS despicable actions. I just got the renewal notice in the mail this week. I will NOT be renewing. Mort's free advice was worth about what I paid for it.

Waiting@home posted 8/25/2011 15:53 PM

I have the program and can say that he has some great tips for marriages, that really just seem like common sense. I agree that in the case of an affair, not talking about it will just about kill the BS. It may not work so great for that. On other fronts, he is just as good as a MC in my opinion and a whole lot less money. The CDs are really good. Back when I was married, MY XH said he liked the CDS, though he only listened to 2-3. After the divorce, I listened to all of them to try and fix myself. I think that if we all behaved as he suggests, that we would not need MCs or argue all the time. For example, date night cannot be a night to talk about kids, problems, etc. There is a special meeting time set aside to discuss finances and such. Problems are compartmentalized and you are told to treat your partner like they are the most special person to you, which they are. Anyway, he has a lot of good things to say. He says that in the case of an affair, you will do the program, and then talk about the transgression in a few weeks. He feels that we talk about the problem at the worst possible time, when we are raw, and that first we should try to reconnect and have fun together, like we once did so we have some positive emotion to help counterbalance all the negative. He created the program after MC didn't work for him. He and his wife felt worse after MC each week, and they had suffered the loss of a child. I know that the ride home from the MC can be a long one!

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