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siap - Broken Open

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Blueeyedfella posted 3/15/2011 14:59 PM

What an interesting read and reading the author's journey was eerily similar to my WW. Wow - almost exact parallels.

I'm sure it's been discussed, but overall thoughts on the book?

I felt at times it was a little too hippy-ish, just go with the flow of life, kind of book, but it had a lot of good introspection.

Fighting2Survive posted 3/15/2011 15:43 PM

Once I realized the author was a WW, I stopped reading. I think it was just too close to D-day.

I'm curious to see what other's think of the book so thanks for starting the thread!

blindsidedbyhim posted 3/15/2011 17:48 PM

Loved the book so much I am going on a woman's retreat to the author's institute---it's called the Omega Institute...

I didn't like that she kind of "romanticized" her affair in the book, but I think she did a good job of taking responsibility, blame and guilt for her deceitful behavoir. She gave me a female perspective of a wayward spouse in the "fog".

Of course, everything works out and she divorces to find the man of her dreams...that pissed me off a bit. I was left wondering...what about the BS???
What happened to him??

I will say the book changed me...I read it soon after Dday...and it helped me see the whole "Phoneix Rising" idea...

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