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Any Books On The Passive Agressive Husband?

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inamaze posted 3/21/2011 22:52 PM

I am looking for nonfiction or fiction.

Seriously??? posted 3/21/2011 23:28 PM

The Angry Smile is a good book on PA for either gender. Just finished it. Was disappointed in what it said about correcting the problem. I think they called it Benign Confrontation. It says you should gently point out when they are doing something passive aggressive. After 25 years of the crap (although I only really realized what he was doing in the past 6 months), a mallot or meat cleaver might be more in order... j/k of course. But I am finding it hard to be gentle with this man anymore.

lostinlove4ever posted 3/23/2011 14:22 PM

Living with the Passive-Aggressive Man : Coping with Hidden Aggression--from the Bedroom to the Boardroom
By: Scott Wetzler

This book was recommended to me by my IC former MC. Really good book.

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