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Book recommendations for the WS

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btnora posted 3/26/2011 20:28 PM

What books do you recommend specifically for he WS? I've read Not Just Friends...twice and found it SO helpful. I'm currently reading After The Affair, on the recommendation of my IC...but struggling to really get in to it. What other books do you suggest?

GroundZero posted 3/26/2011 21:51 PM

Hi there - I am a fWW, but never tried R and ended up divorcing - so not the best source for books on healing the marriage after an affair. Still for my own understanding I read FIve Love Languages and it was very helpful and I would imagine would be even better applied to a relationship.

What I think will be very helpful for you though is this thread from the Wayward forum on helpful books for WSs started by Fallen:

looking forward posted 3/26/2011 22:20 PM

I am going to PM you a list of over twenty books that both H and I have read. I have **** the ones that I found most helpful.
~ lf
The three most helpful have been:
Spring's How Can I Forgive You? The Freedom to Forgive, The Courage Not To
Simon & Simon: Forgivenss: How To Make Peace With Your Past And Get On With Your Life
Ablow's Living the Truth

Cee64D posted 3/26/2011 23:40 PM

How to Help Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair by Linda J. MacDonald

This is a new one. this is a "How to" book in the purest sense of the words. Brief, concise and very to the point. Barely a hundred pages and less than 15 bucks from Amazon with shipping. this is an excellent book that just gets right to the heart of the matter

Consider these two threads about this book:

grace09 posted 3/28/2011 18:39 PM

If you are a religious person and are struggling with the guilt and shame, I found Getting Past Guilt by Joe Beam to be helpful.

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