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The Sociopath Next Door

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sparkysable posted 3/30/2011 14:23 PM Martha Stout. I highly recommend If you are a BS with an extremely cruel and unremorseful WS, he/she might just be a sociopath.

4% of the population are sociopaths. That's 1 in 25. Chances are, a lot of us here have possibly had an encounter with one.

They're not all serial killers. Most blend into society nicely, fooling people for years.

For me, it really opened my eyes and clarified for me the "whys" that I am searching for.

Kjersti posted 3/30/2011 15:24 PM

I also highly recommend this book...for everyone.

Thankfully, in my personal life, I have never had to deal with a sociopath...but this book was most illuminating about a number of people I have had to deal with in my professional life!!!

And you (regardless of who "you" are) have very likely had to deal with sociopaths too. Four percent of the population means that, on average, four percent of all the people you have ever known in any capacity (personal, professional/business, social, those who are connected with your children, etc.) are (or were) sociopaths.

This is an exceedingly good book for just about everyone.

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latebloomer45 posted 3/30/2011 19:44 PM

I read this book outside of the A crap, found it VERY interesting. It explains a lot about people I know, helped me detach.

I really like the explanations as to why both being a sociopath and caring about others could both make sense from an evolutionary point of view.

NaiveAgain posted 3/30/2011 20:20 PM

It is an excellent book and has very good information. My 2nd H was a psychopath, so it was very eye opening for me also.

And if you find that type of thing interesting, read some of Robert Hare's works, he is basically the expert on antisocial personality disorder and has made it his life's pursuit. He wrote "Without a conscience" which is also eye-opening.

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