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So I want a Kindle

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Jessy1501 posted 4/4/2011 19:45 PM

and I know there are many experts out here. Is there just one Kindle? Are there different versions/generations? From what I see on Amazon, it's just 3G or that the only difference I really need to take a look at?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Threnody posted 4/4/2011 21:38 PM

I was anti-Ereader for a long, long time.

And then I got a Kindle for Christmas. I *love* it. Mr. T bought the WiFi one, not the 3G, which is fine because there are a million WiFi hotspots around now (any McDonald's parking lot, for example) if you just HAVE to get that download while on the road. Our home is WiFi, and I don't connect the Kindle to it but once every week or so.

I have to say, you MUST get the leather cover with the light. It's pricey ($60-ish) but very worth it. The light is great! It's come in very handy for me. I'm evangelical about that thing now. I got the blue one and it's a slightly brighter blue than the web site shows, but still very classy. I'm tempted to get the lime one just for summer.

GabyBaby posted 4/4/2011 21:45 PM

I'm with Thren.
I've always been an avid reader and love the look, feel, and smell of books.

That said, the weight of a lot of the books I read wasnt always very convenient, lol.

I actually had a Nook for about 4 months. Then my daughter (who is also an avid reader) wanted an e-reader as well. Her preference was for the Kindle over the Nook, mainly because of the non-touch screen keyboard. We got the Kindle for her for Christmas and after seeing them side by side and using both, I bought the WiFi version of the Kindle 3 just after the new year. (The Kindle 3 is a lot lighter and the look of the 'page' is a lot closer to that of an actual book, which is easier on my eyes after spending 12+ hours on a computer daily).

Like Thren, I have never had a 'download emergency' where I regretted not having 3G. I also LOVE the ability to carry a virtual library in my purse...with the weight of only a few ounces.

I havent purchased the lighted cover. I do use the NOKEY skins so I can change the look of my Kindle fairly often. I have a Neoprene case that I use for travel, but otherwise havent had any issues with scratches, bumps or bruises.

Happy Reading!

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EnigmaticInk posted 4/4/2011 21:46 PM

There are different generations but they are not sold by amazon anymore. You'll have to find them online though Im not sure how well version 1 is supported.

There is the kindle dx version that is essentially the size of an ipad. I like to read comics sometimes and that requires a bigger screen to see the font. It's also good for viewing pictures. Basically useful for stuff outside of reading.

If you just want to read then simply get the wifi only version.

incredulous posted 4/4/2011 21:57 PM

I have the 2d version of the kindle, which is only 3g. I bought my mom the newer 3g/wi-fi version for Christmas. Where she lives,(out in the country) wi-fi is not plentiful, so it would not have been good to have only the wi-fi. She wouldn't have even been able to download a book at her own house!

I have to say, I think the 3g is worth it if you travel, because there is almost always cell phone reception, but not always wi-fi. I think it's nice to have either option, but whether the extra money is worth it to you may depend on where you live.

The other decision you have to make is whether you want the normal size or the DX. I think the DX would be great for newspapers, etc, but is substantially larger so wouldn't fit in a purse as easily, etc. It's also substantially more expensive!

I love my Kindle. I haven't gotten a lighted cover, but I do have a leather portfolio-like cover. I like it because I can hold it like a book, so it's easier to forgot I'm reading on an e-reader.

Good luck! I think you'll be happy either way!

punky posted 4/5/2011 07:48 AM

I had a first generation Kindle--which I have donated to SI for the next auction. I loved it!

Then I got the Kindle 3 with wifi and 3G (I live out in the country and it helps to have it). Also got the lime green cover with light!!!! I LOVE IT ALL.

rempress posted 4/5/2011 08:54 AM

My niece has a Kindle and really likes it, but I went with the Nook by Barnes and Noble.

The one big difference... with the Nook you can borrow books from the library, and loan them to your friends.

You can't do that with the Kindle... you have to purchase everything you read.

I'm all about saving money, so I went with the Nook!

Either way.... LOVE the eReader!!!

Jessy1501 posted 4/5/2011 10:49 AM

Thanks for all of the responses guys! Rempress, I think I read in another thread that Kindle has similar options...or was looking in to developing similar options (like sharing with friends). Or maybe it was the Nook I was reading about. I'll have to see if I can find the thread again. But thanks everyone...definitely hoping on the eReader train!

nooneeverthought posted 4/5/2011 10:56 AM

You can't do that with the Kindle... you have to purchase everything you read.

Actually you can do that with Kindle. You can let up to 6 kindles borrow your books.

We have the kindles with 3g and the lighted leather covers. I also have Kindle on IPAD, Kindle on my PC at work.

I still love my books, but, I wouldn't want to go without my Kindle now.

EnigmaticInk posted 4/5/2011 12:21 PM

I would say that the big difference between the Nook and the Kindle is that the newer version, Nook Color ditches Eink in favor of LCD. Now I happen to read on the computer a lot so it's not a big deal for me. Quite a few people hate reading because it strains the eye and is susceptible to glare. So if you're one of those people make you sure you get the original nook which currently costs 149 and uses Eink. If not choose whatever you want.

GabyBaby posted 4/5/2011 13:00 PM

The one big difference... with the Nook you can borrow books from the library

This was originally my reason for buying the Nook over the Kindle.
But I've found that (with my local library system) the items available for ebooks are very limited. I ended up not using that feature as much as I'd hoped.

When I bought the Kindle earlier this year, I was a lot happier with that ereader's overall performance.

Ultimately, its really personal preference. I love the convenience of ereaders in general (and Kindle and Nook are not the only two on the market). Just do your homework and select the one that fits your needs the best.

I would, however, strongly suggest using the FREE Calibre ebook management software. Its been a lifesaver!

Lionne posted 4/8/2011 17:51 PM

One thing to consider, if it's important to you...I do most of my SI reading on my 2nd Gen. 3G Kindle. I can also do other rudimentary Web search, email, etc., although responding is slow and graphics are severely limited. but for text surfing, it works fine.

I also read a LOT of free or very cheap kindle books. Great web site is $5 or less.

New Joy posted 4/8/2011 22:55 PM

My H got me a Kindle as a surprise birthday gift 9 months ago. I liked the idea of a Kindle, but just wasn't sure I wanted to loose the feel of a book.

I REALLY enjoy having it!

There are lots of free books through Kindle. You can share books with other Kindles.

You can sync your Kindle with a smart phone. I'm really enjoying this feature because if I'm in line somewhere I can read my book.

And if you're an Audible Book Club member you can download Audible books to your Kindle. I haven't tried this because I listen to my books on my ipod so haven't had a reason to try it.

Fighting2Survive posted 4/9/2011 10:50 AM

I have a kindle 3g and I love it! FWH gave it to me for Christmas.

Like Thren, I was anti-ereader for a long time. I just couldn't imagine giving up the feel of a book. The kindle's feel (when it is in the leather cover she recommended) isn't that different. BTW, I got the red cover. I'm a sucker for red.

The only minor complaint I have is that I don't like not having my location in the books marked by pages. The "location" indicator is awkward for me since I have trouble gauging how much time I will need to devote to finishing a book.

As far as the problem with borrowing from a library, I regret that I can't do that on my kindle, but it really hasn't been an issue. The ebooks the library offers are very limited, and I often get the ones I want when I want them. If I happen to find one, I can read it on my netbook instead of my kindle.

One big advantage of any ereader for me is that it takes up much less space when I travel. I can bring a wide selection of books in my purse.

New Joy posted 4/10/2011 22:15 PM

F2S... Seems like I read somewhere that they were going to start including page numbers. I tried to look back through the places I might have read it but can't find the post.

New Joy posted 4/10/2011 22:33 PM

Ah-ha...found it

Our customers have told us they want real page numbers that match the page numbers in print books so they can easily reference and cite passages, and read alongside others in a book club or class. Rather than add page numbers that don't correspond to print books, which is how page numbers have been added to e-books in the past, we're adding real page numbers that correspond directly to a book's print edition. We've already added real page numbers to tens of thousands of Kindle books, including the top 100 bestselling books in the Kindle Store that have matching print editions and thousands more of the most popular books. Page numbers will also be available on our free "Buy Once, Read Everywhere" Kindle apps in the coming months.

damncutekitty posted 4/10/2011 23:12 PM

My friend who is a librarian said that our local library supports all brands of e-readers. i think the library thing just depends on where you are.

I have a Nook. I love it.

I think you can get a lot more super cheap or free books with the Kindle. But I don't really have any complaints about my Nook.

Jessy1501 posted 4/11/2011 12:16 PM

MY KINDLE CAME IN TODAY!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED! I don't even know where to start?!?

ETA: Thank you for all of the input

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JanaGreen posted 4/11/2011 13:54 PM

Jessy, I just got one too! I downloaded 14 free books from Amazon last night. I am excited.

Now I want to get a cover for it but they are pricey!

Fighting2Survive posted 4/11/2011 14:30 PM

@ New Joy:

Hooray!!! Now I truly will have no complaints about my Kindle.

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