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Red Hot Touch

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RMARXGIRL posted 4/7/2011 13:33 PM

I was just reading the post about the book "101 Great Nights of Sex"... no, no no, no.
The book you WANT to be reading is the "Red Hot Touch" by Jaiya and Jon Hanauer. "A head to toe handbook of mind blowing orgasms"
Theres a section for Men and a section for Women

If every man and woman read this book the world would be a happier place LOL

You will thank me later

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heart_in_a_blend posted 4/7/2011 14:12 PM

Does it come with batteries?

RMARXGIRL posted 4/7/2011 17:46 PM

No batteries required,LOL, its all in the "techniques" and "touch"

Your toes will curl and your eyes will roll back in your head HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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