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Infidelity Fiction?

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HappilyUnMarried posted 5/1/2011 03:54 AM

Since I'm several years out from D-Day, infidelity themes in books do not trigger me like they used to. I actually like the ones that really get into the minds of WS/BS in a realistic way. Has anyone read any good fiction with an infidelity theme lately?

Just finished "The Stuff That Never Happened" by Maddie Dawson. Great book! Never thought I'd like a book with a WS as the main character. The WS, Anabelle, is definitely a flawed person: narcissistic, extroverted, and self-centered. The BS, Grant, is flawed too: an introverted, dorky workaholic who loves his wife but not in the way she wants to be loved. All of the other characters in the book are also flawed in some way (her best friend, her lover, her mom, brother, son-in-law, etc.) that make the character development great. Without giving away the ending, at least the two main characters have grown significantly by the end of the book.

For those who have not read it; I think Grant would be the perfect guy for me!!!

Are there any other good books that do a good job of realistically handling infidelity in a marriage?

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mtkat posted 5/3/2011 12:07 PM

Just now reading Fly Away Home. SO far it's good. Must have been written pretty soon after the Gov. Mark Sanford scandal cuz there are references to it.

About a mom (SYlvie) and her 2 daighters (Diana & Lizzie) and the Senator husban & Da who has just been posted all over the media having an A with a legislative aide.

I think the story is more about the relationship between the mom & daughters. SOfar so good, but I just read where the "perfect daughter" is an ER Dr. and she is having an A with a resident and no one knowi. Didn't like that part popping up but it will be interesting to see how the charcater reconciles her behavior with the fact that she's furious with her Dad for doing the same thing.

Author is Jennifer Weiner. She's a NYT bestsellers list author.

Skye posted 5/3/2011 14:21 PM

Sue Miller's "The Senator's Wife" was very realistic to me.

JanaGreen posted 5/3/2011 15:56 PM

I haven't read Little Children post D-Day, but the two main characters are having an affair. Fitting with the stereotype, she's portrayed more sympathetically than he is, although he's not really made out to be a monster.

authenticnow posted 5/4/2011 06:34 AM

Whatever Makes You Happy by Lisa Grunwald. I read it when I was in my EA and it was interesting...a real mindf#$% for me, as a WS feeling guilty and torn. Anyway, I think it's an interesting WS perspective.

Helen of Troy posted 5/5/2011 12:16 PM

HUM I just preordered The Stuff that Never Happened after reading more about it.
Thanks for the rec.

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