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Got My Nook what do I do with it

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Heartbroken1993 posted 5/9/2011 08:27 AM

I am happy to say that I got a nook color for mothers day. I have already downloaded a book but there is just so much more that this thing can do.

If anyone can chime in and tell me more about this, and how to get the apps installed and also app recomendations? I tried to do that but I guess I have to download the newest update, of which I thought I did, but it didn't work?

Anyway I'm just loving this thing but could use some help.

Also any book recomendation would be great:

I'm into biography's, american history, infidelity help (DUH ), and any good children's book.

Thanks Peeps, and I'm glad that I'm branchig out on different forums. Gives me a chance to "meet" some other members while giving me a break from..well the obvious

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suckstobeme posted 5/9/2011 11:29 AM


I have no advice whatsoever about the Nook Color, but wanted to give you kudos for trying something new and having something just for yourself!

I just bought the Kindle last week and love it already. I'm technologically stupid so it took a couple calls to Amazon but I downloaded my first book and am half way through. It's very empowering to get these new toys and learn how to use them all by ourselves!

Again, got nothing for you on the Nook, but will be interested to see the responses as my very good friend is saving up her Barnes & Noble gift cards to get one by the end of the month!

GabyBaby posted 5/9/2011 13:24 PM

I have a Kindle now, but started with a Nook.

Every Friday is Free Book Friday, so be sure to check for goodies!

At my local Barnes & Noble, they hosted classes for new users. You can check to see if something like that is offered near you.

The other things I found helpful for both my Nook and Kindle were reading the forums on the B&N website (for Nook) or Amazon's website (for Kindle). People often post helpful tips, and various other subjects such as unusual things that they use their ereaders for (recipe keepers, study notes, grocery lists, etc).

If you're on Facebook, "Like" the Nook page and you'll be updated on freebies and other goodies.
For free books, I'd suggest "Liking" the Pixel of Ink page and Free eBooks pages.

I dont have a problem paying for books, but I love free stuff too!

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gracee posted 5/9/2011 19:17 PM

I love my Nook. I love the Pandora music too!

They have new apps for games like solitaire and angry birds. They have a great coloring app that you can draw, paint, crayons, stickers, etc. My son plays it constantly.

I usually google if I get confused.

It just takes some time to play with it. I love it!!


gracee posted 5/9/2011 19:18 PM

The newest update should have been on it- if you got it this weekend. If not go to a Barnes and Noble store- it takes like fifteen minutes and they can do it.


poopylala posted 5/9/2011 21:53 PM

Link to the apps available:

FAQs for Nook color:

How to get the update or even check to see if you have the update:

WBF got me mine for xmas and I love it!! You can lend books between nook users.

I have Surviving Infidelty and Code blue (medical drama) that are lendable

Heartbroken1993 posted 5/10/2011 08:39 AM

Thanks for all the help. I pretty much combed through b&n site last night, and I managed to update my nook on my own which was stupid easy to do.

I have SI already on paperback, but thanks for the offer.

I have started reading Shania's new book last night, which so far is very good, and I love reading it on the nook. It gives a new term for nookie time

poopylala posted 5/12/2011 00:01 AM

on under books they have free nook books and they have 5 pages worth of great free nook books! also every friday is free friday so you can download a free nook book :)

Heartbroken1993 posted 5/12/2011 08:24 AM

free books on friday.....just another reason to love fridays.

I'm not sure if my book is a lend me yet. I will have to check when I get home.

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