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Nook people!

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poopylala posted 5/11/2011 21:42 PM

I posted a long time ago about getting a Nook Color and I got to read one of MzMagoo's lendme books. Does anyone have any lendable books for their Nook?

I only have Surviving Infidelity and Code Blue (medical drama, really good though) if anyone would like to borrow them

oneheart posted 5/15/2011 03:42 AM

I have

The Sex-Starved Marriage
by Michele Weiner Davis

And if you are into science fiction, the first 7 books of the Gor series. Which may or may not be your thing, read up on it first and please don't judge - it's only fiction.

Just PM me if you want to borrow any. As I expand my library I will start posting more.

Heartbroken1993 posted 5/16/2011 14:49 PM

I just got mine. I only have Shania Twaines be book and I don't think that I am able to lend it yet

InnerLight posted 6/10/2011 16:15 PM

I'm thinking of getting a nook instead of a kindle because of the lending feature. I understand Kindle people can't lend. Questions:

How long can you lend for?
Is it like sending an email?
Does it disappear after 2 weeks?
Do you get warnings when it's about to disappear?
Can you lend anything you have or only certain kinds of books, or older ones?

Thanks for sharing.

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