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The Help - Spoiler Alert

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sharim posted 5/16/2011 15:05 PM

Finally just finished The Help (tax season got in the way - I started it 3 months ago). I think most of you have all read it so --- is it just me or did she really need to include the "pecker pie" part?????? I really liked the story for the most part and would love to share it with my 15 year old daughter but that part was pretty disgusting. I hope they leave it out of the movie. I find it to be like some of the parts in "Water for Elephants" - there were some parts that I really thought the author could have just left out. Am I getting old or do others feel that way too? It just feels like anymore sex has to be brought into everything even when it really has no relevance to the story.

metamorphisis posted 5/17/2011 22:32 PM

I couldn't finish it. So I don't know what part you are referencing. I did read quite a bit of it. I just kept putting it down for more interesting books and never got back to it.
Weird.. because I thought I would really like it.

really trying posted 5/18/2011 00:05 AM

My SIL loved this book, thought it was so funny. I'm looking forward to reading it.

deb3129 posted 5/19/2011 16:09 PM

I did not really understand why the pecker pie part was in there either. It had no bearing whatsoever on the rest of the book. The book was great though.

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